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Welcome to sound. To show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. Sports and politics. I'm Rick Betancourt the VA guy at the mortgage network visit Rick mortgaged dot com. It was less than point 5% of the US population actively serving in the military. Out gives a veteran perspective. On what's happening in Massachusetts. Love the sound of council wants my cohost on the field reads that I really good show lined up rage on an earlier excited. But I do what about a thousand Burpee is still to start off so guru of travel little little ball crossed that something I'd been. Very excited to talk about four unarmed and on and on back from vacation I'm ready I'm ready to go John. Very excited to be back and you know you guys hosted the show last week you like that great job to find and WRK go to comments as always. Bonus. How's it going John Lopes. It's go great number actually very happy to have you back to remind Bob sharp who I know you weren't for a wanna do it for us for Carl Edwards were to today William ease saloon Marines so warm. For how people there are both. You know it's not a neutral sling which you can. Don't know what the stuff going on around them sure wound in Kabul these slicks on. Down on me and I think one of the things I'm kind of excited about his looks as though law basis is now law. Fallen in Mosul not so pretty much licenses. Almost completely fallen and Iraq community is through a few determines is definitely is not as that blood. On both the Iraqi forces along with a American air strikes. And as some are Iranian involvement as well occurs involvement of course. I've been able to drive no basis at all. Good news I think for everyone I wanna get your take on whoa slow. We. How pupil and also pretty cute. You know reflects someone on trumps winters should appear Brigham and from home some. Who's overrode appointees to national conference and national security than him. We've and the more well known. You know and you know prosecute those some brilliant from. We'll since the results or might have people. Well I'm in the biggest question here bomb you know just just from what we've seen and and it in the history and follow Mosul is are we gonna actually hold it. Or we gonna leave it forgot about it and leave a power vacuum and then just let terrorists take it over a couple years while. Hopefully we've learned from past mistakes from the mountain and count. Them. Improved immensely and all course Romeo and he and so what's to prepare and reported bird slow down or working with suitable when our judgment. And I know. I'm not as what I I've been trying to totally John. But not beyond you have to think mad dog is Kendall law you know keep some. Some security forces there knowing all the little clear hold build you know mentality. Course is gonna have to be a lot of rebuilding houses city 2.5 million people. And hundreds of thousands of left. Tens of thousands were killed so it's. You know it's going to be tough the tough to rebuild they may not I have to think after months of US airstrikes and there's there's not a whole lot more outstanding anymore. Not a complete sugar whom. Who Bartrum took some guards who withdrew the war out of pure execution style from. From our corner from food and some of them are older then build civil affairs oh. Which are part of an overdose that is part of both the whole counterinsurgency. Insurgency our theory is. You clear the clear the area first so you know we've we've reached out phase of course. Daniel pulled it so I'm sure that's what you are talking about right now is you know we gotta keep the forces there. You know would like it to be Iraqi led of course keep you on and actually hold the area. Provide the security basically the police. Of the area so people can come back open up their shops and come back to their homes. You know and and then start the last phase which should be rebuilt so you we rebuild the shops rebuild their homes. You know rebuild blew the water system what I mean I don't know what the what exactly exactly is this then all Mosul I've I've never been there. Myself but you know but that's that's how you gotta do this and hopefully we don't just leave that power vacuum once again so a lot of terrorist and take your. And the solstice which some degree of trust. Amongst Muslims and William the government sold you don't want replication endless once the demo slogans we don't want to Sweden our absence. You'll come regard him there at some point in time. The step was trust my actual book and you don't have Vietnamese come Bartrum and reporters it's. Now how much can move people trusts. At this point. Not now Jeff what you're comfortable with them and is as is gonna take a while now. You know and and you just have so many of those refugees. They've left the area and a lot of times when refugees leave an area they don't come back runs and I we know we've talked about that what we've are shows about immigration. If people don't people either as a reason it left and you know I am not saying it. I don't blame them. The minute that there's very good reason that you wanna stick in Mosul. Based either between. The crisis rule. You know where they're where it is you know they were very very strict and you know killing people in the streets as throw stuff with Annette in US air strikes. Hit you don't wanna be there for either of those who never mind a booby traps and everything else that that ice is set up eighties and all sort of stuff. But you know can can you blame these people if they don't wanna come back nevermind affected maybe they spent you know what little they have to leave. They're not anything to get back. It's so we shall see Bono. They'll ultimately Google's moving in the right direction and I can start YouTube and executes a pause slow down and things are getting better and Syria. All from the sounds of it. President trump has been in Russia talking with poo and well these -- G-20 summit on the you know that that that they've worked on on having some sort of cease fire. So we'll see how that last. But the idea is that it's gonna let the the local people. Deal what crisis themselves soul morals. I'm not sure how long that's that's the last. We're going to blue moons of pooled Mosul went five slew of them. But once marched while. He actually doesn't have the semis and what you worked a port authorities much Gregory and Howard's fired so government troop slicks to come alive. And I know it you know you it's not your told doctor Hansen into they're looking for John. So. No let up. We we initial Ximian. But it looks like it's Conan right direction. Very very curious to see I think a lot of veterans on this notion that the Iraqi veterans that goes into the shuttle and you know a lot of them that they've put a lot of effort and and been declared these cities before it. And oil or ups 11 crisis was able to take taken over cell. You know hopefully hopefully confuse some some positive we don't. Stuff going on it trumps that is in here dollars and thirty days like that hasn't happened and what ports against it we all knows a little bit of hyperbole it's backwards so. We shall say moving on note John completely different story arm. Saw this in the military times federal employment rises. And the month of June. So law would scold him just not let's it's very interest thing and does specifically proposed final event. Veterans. It's too far off five point 1% soul yeah that was up four point six in nice thoughts with half a percentage points. Pretty significant. You know. For the past eight slump and months. We. Increase. Employment every month for court and we've seen it would veterans do photos notes sold. Them will confuse the bulk of some good award to move sort of more in the words of the pew what's the truth X. Well that's the thing because it's. You know sometimes you you you look at the story in sounds like fallen in however veterans' unemployment and an unemployed and homeless man that is not the case at all off. I'm in overall veteran unemployment is that three point 7%. Which is very very law mean. If you're never gonna get an absolute zero run is sometimes you put just unemployed happens Ford's. But both those non veteran unemployment rates four point 3%. Solved and and it's it's. The strange thing now and I'm not surprised one bit John I'm sure you're not either mean you know veterans or make incredible employees will. Who don't particularly today every night to improve the veterans today you come mobile no Torre workbook. Accord sort of job skills through in addition tuned in your view of the traded but it still support him them. But it real we made great employees but they also bring a lot can. Good job. Now I'm in the training and just they're you know they're gonna get someone that's because disciplined enough you know its it unit and have someone that's probably lose some more worldly. Where I'm ministry tufts who served in the post nine elevenths world and not have. That's left the continental United States for something. All they've been if you are still don't stuff in the carnal United States using Europe. I mean we have a lot overseas operations going on right now so and you're supporting all of a lot bigger you know. Mission here. On the other thing is a lot of these veterans are able to use the GI bill from the sea ice and either getting educated as well so I mean this is great employee. You know and you know at one point in time the word tax for extra tax initiatives given some boos and some of its. So long through the wheels move really good reason of when you vote from two or organization. Once you do it that far from would. Flourish. Now absolutely so kind of an interesting story poem you know I'd I'd I think it is important. You know dimension at the an unemployed or for veterans is lower than civilians and when I mean I think you know we talk about it sometimes. Veterans get a bad rap then you know and I'm not saying it's bad to be concerned about veterans' suicide veteran point though obviously those are very important subjects. When you look at the vast majority of veterans are thriving. And so I think it's sometimes a false narrative so. Julia also implement what was their moment that's majority Ryder counselor we would war room you know moon. Veterans preference. Why don't let Simon I'm not to fight we got to keep on fighting. Is you know I think a big reason why a lot of veterans are doing well and a reason why the federal employment rate is below the civilian and our unemployment rate is because they. This session was a Massachusetts veterans get. Hiring preference and social service dollars. You know I think that. That's a great point John it will your drug from you get a whole lot of threats one America for what it's time you were right 34 news minimum home and use civilian coma products of the month more. Solely off the makeup and education Copeland train the makeup from. Job experience. Before that outsold. Beaten bill will be would go. Opening Abdul looked the man who once the room you go for life and I think that's older Uga. Initial hell yeah. And I think gone. You know the experience that the especially the Iraq and Afghanistan that currency. You know I think. I'd want my. Police officers and firefighters are open to stressful situations with the experience of combat or at least the training of of combat. Which I mean as is second to none. Don't but it and if they do you make of whom the club that's the way of distilled string removed try and get them all of that stuff from. It'll particularly imagine and Romeo force when you're moon you know a move Floyd won there when you're wrong fire for the Florida wobbles skills what you're completely removes the volume. Button and admiral Willard. Five afford him. I mean you're you're. Been trained in the bus military in the world do. There's a going to be set for and I want those people being. I haven't having a hiring preference on U. So Jerry Lewis John if you will salute will show Cairo vote trunks that's right that's right the but the others. A lot of them already taken. Sorry about that moment. And many people we should do with speak among the regions for the veterans to commissions. For its I'm sure it will tribunal. You know. A rule in the agency and look at that John Boehner and only evil us and that's a very idea. All I take a quick break talk well that we may or may not be back and Roy and remember a few weeks ago when you. I go well those are valid but you know I think I'm actually do some push ups is a problem across its. Commercial breaks on the senate side it was the sound of the New York you know ANC say that was. Welcome back found a phone code. A strong country. John mrs. Something that we talk the ball a while ago and it's kind of been an overarching theme anyways is. Follow American legions of VFW's. And you know veterans service organizations. Are having a tough time finding younger veterans and I one of the things that's that is with the storms. Interest in sports and I do cross and I see a lot of veterans my cross fiction across an island NIC. And the VFW magazine. For this month actually roll. A whole front page on story on it cover a cover story on how veterans are getting into cross and now there's. I'm nearly 300 cross fictions locate on military bases now so long so we thought why don't we get some of the talk about this and com you know John to make to appease you know we have a marine. On now and so and we're excited volume excellent. No the bonds took quotes from. The field does there aren't as far as I'm going to be maybe through these fires altered rock and probably. The yes so we global socializing. Them some room bloom Clark room. That's good point John is smoke on the wide open cross from non negative. You know if no emotional and solutions it's. Little bit dark but what's the marine oil and come down on one that's so familiar with skip. So NASA from cross should normally and we've got to Harry Kelly he is at tossed a little bit about. Our cross fit in general and then. Oh and also his thoughts on why why unified veterans and across the community where people who are very well welcome Michelle count on and I had done it is accused gives little background about home valley and he ended up yet. And up and Iranians and found yourself you know into fitness and and crossed and everything like that. One of our sources told us that you cult like capping process. Her. Plus it cancer today yet takes so much for having me it's it's an art to be here on cross is definitely self assurance. It's actually started with the military I was. Worries Worcester Massachusetts how big football dagger and out. Always thought sports what account to be towards an area where I was not of the entire spectrum so eyes. Cannot look and on line look for the next program to get in shape for. Officer candidate school memories. Stolen upon cross that and I haven't looked accents. Koreatown record low of my time and commission 2009. They're tied for memories but now more from home came corn now camp health and I loved my time and I. Fun and a second on those cross. And Nigeria today. Four years later I came out Kinect full time head carriage across new England and rest is history. Got a boat that's awesome mom. What what exactly is crossed it can you know hope explained that there exclusive cross it is exe. Coach led group class sixty minutes long combines. Essentially Olympic lifting well weightlifting would gymnastics and running to be biking can regional group can be. This year in swimming some times it's essentially combining every sport into one that the goal is if you were to have a picture hat. It said that hackers. Countless physical training ambassador to the one mile run their convene next pull ups that could be how much weight can you put on your back and squat with the next pushups anything the goalies for riches said that had to pull out one of those events. He will thrive inside that this. Can the Jack of all trades master of none. Every sport combined and can we do that side of a group like classic two minutes. And down. Doubt. We also own and every crust which means. I'm indoors. There's throughout the world. And overall connected to little so you don't a little bit about how about how he's opting out works. You know is something that people just. Migrate around note the war vote country doing crossed how hollow houses Hauser community I guess that'll secret question. So across it was initially found it early two thousands. Guy's name is Greg classmen. And of course you Stallone's cross and it was actually initially designed for law enforcement firefighter military it was a means to make your job or even your sport outside of cross it better. So aim of firefighter and I had a wanna get better in my job he's doing and you cross this design for. It through your functional fitness you be better at your job. Since then. Probably some blisters notes turn do some one of the sport. And it's physical competitions team behind it put the original -- across it is let's get you better at life outside the gym walls of the box as they call it. And since then thousand Jim's has popped up left or right it's growing trend. And it's growing wave of life for a lot of people. It inside east Jim beam me do different work outs but they all kind of resembled the same look and feel and he said these investment treaties of class periods that people. Connect with the each other's days. Polish is of each other don't trust each other. And it's it's like this cheered camaraderie through misery that crawl. Connected to some regard would that be. PT. Whether that the cross it or any sort team sport. It all kind of comes down to look any feelings and that's kind of how this this whole community aspect crew is. There's what you said about that camaraderie through misery this process. We have so and I found cross before I deployed to Afghanistan we sent sort of things where your dollars you want to find something that. You know hopefuls would aren't parents especially interns for the week. You know for Karen have you Brooks actor you know to put it from what sort of stuff. But now optional. But five years ago. In the third infantry division. I mean general Robert Abrams has actually implement a cross or something along those lines. For fellow soldiers so it's it's definitely interesting to see how across it's evolved into. Look we are saharan kind of for military now but it's actually been taken out by the America's military. And one who brings a couple of and so it was some counseling woods functional footnotes. Footnotes at the view in the room I can remember problem for the George you want them cool when we depend so we can. When we got to old feud between five. And 13 agreement Clark and he would slow. Point you know the difference between what it called forty muscles. And functional muscles and it seems the cross for those who want functional. Mostly. Always look and from the VFW article on a cover story. On days so that the the functional fitness is is Karen ammo cans was big example they use than you can also a lot of philosopher prostitute Karen barring carrying kettle bells are from all those lines so it's. It's almost the same exact movements so. That's a great thing very transferable skill no matter what your child is an animal story. Total polls polls loans were what code to a new century. Piece of equipment that the it team and some teams ever asked Williams whom Saddam or Mayo was a resurface. Them. So. This saw Harry talked global about the competition. On aspect of it while which I think some doesn't enough veterans or interest that until. You know crossroads on is can now and it's it's a big things he can toggle the bulk you know caustic games and what what that's all well. Absolutely so. One pretty cool thing about cross that is everything is measurable and what they're really means is there's a score tied to this is nine. The primary means like cross is effective but it is a very fun aspect to it. In PT you're going to jam pretty much any form exercise. As the vast majority there's no way of measuring what you do there's no scoreboard there's no. Fun competition tied. You cross that Curtis it can be something like what Steve three rounds of these movements. X amount of reps each and it's four time will be we fix the window it's twenty minutes how many times can you do. Five pull ops tempo just fifteen years walked rich repeat the twenty minutes whoever has the most rounds. Courtroom coat wins the work. And that from the competition has. Really inspired people push harder its Wii more enjoyable it's sort of on over and ever since inception. He would actually slowly grew into a popular sport and as they. So hold all five proceed to get there it is across the games switcher now have held in Madison Wisconsin. Should take place next month in early August. And now it's it's exactly that his workouts there's tests done for time or for score or for next week lifted. And it's it's all measurable seem truly find. A sport inside of this exercise program. Can't allow people won't. I've watched them on to who I mean are there were shark there was an old one minute or so channels are forgotten what. Cross for us and it's on your speed on slow or who smells smoke it's. Boom that's. Wilder knock it on top of at all. You know I noticed that there there's an article this week and in the Boston Globe. You know talking about cross and when when in Natick and book the world and Jordan sent mauled a woman woman won it last year who trains there through and then I love the man villain men out one it. Is coached by the owner Saul I don't know totally open heir to a victory lap. I'll. It's pretty big to help. We are we are very proud that captured success on the that is one of our enormous passions the cup to sign across it. Pulling back he turned a little bit about our Jim we exceed really deal in two separate directions we teach cross it. One side is that competition seen witches. Let's get fit for. August this year skewed everything we have and as a responsible coach we're deeply concerned about next year were concerned about iron he's holding it to five years and how are year your hearts be ten years all that stuff super important to us as responsible coaches and human beings might. There's also a whole different side across is that we really focus on at cross that's actually via. CG PP in general has prepared us getting healthier and better life. To this one side which is let's compete in this sport and just like every professional sport it's not a matter of if you get injured but when you injured. There's other side of cross which is let's get you better what was it you fight until hours ago let's let's round on. And same here among mr. X and it would be my passion is coaching competitive athletes. As was never coaches across and in the bush. I think the most potent and the most viable partner across is actually in the sport it's. It's getting people to maintain their fitness as long as text with you lose the ability to. Junior squad we're sit down the toilet. Or pick up he had a dog food put on the counter with who than ability we will note the first was yet again now is the nursing now. And that's pretty much mystery to waited. And the long we've percent off in the long route to play basketball they're great kids here are great grandkids. I think we're on the right track so we're super proud of the achievements and it's a huge passion Mars. It's only a small part of what defines us though inside cross. Especially trust and so it's huge. Hugely proud of that catcher and you are competitive athletes. But just an interest in how we bridge in two very different sections it's really. Quite different. Yeah did the only way people us manually to I can equate to is like the old fashioned boxing gyms. Well it. Go to the gym would have liked that big boxer that was going out and and don't pick fights with and had all of us just the regular Joes like the rest of us. Kinda learn those movements springing up there up. You know inspiring for her eight dollars and a source that there. By the same token. Both of those boxers or train together right as my favorite parts of it in a typical class environment you can have potentially the worlds for this woman who won into crossing games. Along waived former Marines along waited. Mothers of five. To a person is actually never worked out their entire life and of course. There's a work out there were all doing but it's modified or tailored towards each specific athletes of -- were not together or all share in that unique. Camaraderie through misery but. There's no pru records there's no requirement you have to do you know pull ups or have to do. Dead list that's taken to borrow the ground with 200 pounds it's all specific to each athlete which is a very unique place where all walks left incumbent trained together. And it's all going to. Who's gonna say I have a friend of work so truly shirt today in June easier who's the retarded fight achieved from problem. In regard him and he was spiritual force and so it's afford but. In some sense retry him chewed cross for. But it's Cilic I thought it was good captured reform holds them to referred shared. But the reason I'm boring and slow up. News 10 well a softer it's because a neutral toward some good judo throws the slow. Bowl cycle for veterans and wounded veteran the Wimbledon for a one. Sullivan dials symbols like it's true and files and plus people in attendance. And it pumped in Geneva. And he said and what would come over a couple of funds that would work there that's for. So one or me but it's a tool for its. Simple problem. You know you. Newsom and civilian approached Alex and I'm like she's trees where he can go. In great shape but they eat each one elements and a woman's club Michael who communal. Of Princeton guys can go work for that and work cult in the U and what crossed for whispered to one foot in the you know fitness nuptials. Physical fitness split blows psychological. Effects of Earth's. Nomo also wondered I want them. Bring that up maybe you would you comment to him how do you hope alone won't do veterans. It's a very. Very cool story about that and it's it's very true is there's no. Bare minimum requirement you need to do this stuff. They were talking and just before it's just started on. Now why so many veterans are kind of moving towards cross and like what's the appeal factor how come that's actually happening. And it starts. Comes back to that camaraderie through misery. The easy. Quick answered like why veterans. Move across it might be because it works it's fun it's PT it's. You buster your tail on it there's a lot of sweat blood and tears of all it's it's effective team. They some great strides in your physical fitness pretty quickly crossed her column towards hazardous will be. In the real underlying reason though especially for military members and veterans is. It's. It's our relationships. And there's a very unique on you can create inception wall that is crossing. And again there's there's no requirement to me it's just that. Their commerce their misery something about a real known experience that we all we all along that we can't explain what it does to us. And that's one thing that. Cross has been to me it is is that team atmosphere it's. It's at that next little relationships he can we find outside of the military. It's intrusive it in this country Jamie and all the friends that you brought as well. And therefore actual want toppled a mop up double that's a quick break. It was from the sound of an America though and sixties it was almost and. He welcomed our patents as the world according to July and segment we've discussed for some sort of lessons for. Veterans. In this. And Deutsche talk to go both form. And its roof so we knew well one more time. He originally when we have great VA health cute slows them. Viewed you want to win urge you. And slowing up for it and you lose in the huge you know people will slime comparable words it's gonna migrants who was. A look consulate country. Soul you'll schools great for you you helped Q six. And you can. Tour by calling 1844. Via you choose to map would the tree and slid to 1844. It is true true kings open three's problem. A novel but you can do. Whose goal of whom knew local sued in your town hall Clark to veterans and sell office until well and one was slowing them for for years health care. And asked them to help. So bulls looked so good words so vote getting in global view the health care system. Strongly war come in the movements. That's the world according to John Clark to next. We'll have troops market. Throw in Michael. Welcome back to sound off on council wants cohorts on the feel free and we're joined today and art studios and Boston by Harry paley who is off from the head coach crossed it nor England which is micros kitchen John towel over revolve. Cross Finn. Why veterans are intrusive and in it so much I want to talk about my personal sores I started to across it before on to Afghanistan by. When that in my camel Ryan something different to do over in ours can sick it just doing you know bench pressing and running. I tried cross four recommendation and you know it's totally different parent wanted to talk a little bit about it but. You know you don't worry headphones. You know like you do at a traditional. Jim you know it's it's not like that you actually talk to people and you're involved in a community and and you know I think John you mentioned it's just like guilt PT and a multi so has that same sort of feel it. You know you can get competitive and we wanna get competitive way that's if that's what you wanna do and but in either your combined brother people who are going to the same thing so. Talk a little reluctant to specifically why veterans are so interest and gas. The last that you meant to a syringes and because they're going to the same thing I've that is what cross your release was doing the same quote unquote thing. There is deathly love love love Colorado too mr. I think. In it to pretty much everybody we call to some extent we love having that on TV miseries that are at work regularly to. Grass and Austrian talk about a month and some user has been appointed her. Lynette Taylor is a sock in it. Civilian and a chastened some sessions cultivate that that word and understand in my column. Warning deftly works that is deadly easy quick answer to put to his. There's such a unique feeling to. Going through that with somebody else. You bond there's something about preakness where there's something about. Do these some sort of challenging of that. Weathered the adversity at work or. You know hard times at home or where he sway Jim you bond with these people in down this can be begat who literally was. That dangles Jim Moore we're honest with our citizens were had had dogs and apple will walk in help her receipt never try to talk anybody. There was the last thing I want do. It crosses. Its the polar opposites you want to talk to people you want to build relationships. And that's what veterans. People really want to talk to toggle. There are not so much fun you know there's a Little League game planning for the embarked on a sort of stuff so. He also wanted the class after rain and cost me you know how did you do a how'd you how'd you go about this so it's. Well there's a critical question. You talk and pulled them going in and taken classes a group. Once you sign up are you a song YouTube singing group if you. Take that class. With the same people all the time or are you and Lloyd Jared. I could manage about five or Clark come common and that six and I wanted to from group of people with him to question him on. Yes of the way it works is inside every genders called. To work out of the debt. He can be easy example earlier maybe it's it's many times you can't and twenty minutes to five polyps ten pushups. Fifteen years I mean around union that twenty minutes all star together all finished together in the planning modifications throughout the gem. Some indicated pull ups that shoulder injury or capacity issue will do son beach kennel swings Horry. Wrote to brings me to work for everybody it's always tailored towards you. Typically speaking much slate we all fighters don't do a deal it is has befallen some sort of routine and 6:30 AM dad are factored in Gary Tikka. 4:30 PM class. That tend to be my norm but if you hop around a different class totally totally and media com. They almost you function as like unique teams that are micro committees it's out of a large community that is a cross that Jim. But there's no doubt sadly it bounced around a different class. There are different models out there where you do get assigned to a certain class mainly for logistical reasons sleep in and make sure we have too many people. In his first class and if there's over fifty would just can't support that we can't fit that foot knob fortunately. We have the room at least an urgent to allow that to happen. Because what happens in a year working late one day and year. Stuck in traffic. Of course when you come at a factory Kia as opposed your fourth week. I would hate turned out the door and say hey you serie can't work out today because you stayed late after work to make sure things were not just gave a career. Before he laughed com. Let's get to hear. But it was the major question wants are sure. They tend to follow the sequestered. As a style but it's absolutely. Except all the doubts route. Then to people avoid complete one class or revolution the world over would be called them soon and I'm. Going through we'll sit down current and our. Growth is slow and probably. Not another class period or because it's the same work out of the day you're all class yours but there's Jeffrey time before and after. And we have probably about half of our members do that for after class and a little bit extra decide how would there be. We're gonna skill to jump rope and a little bit extra rowing in the side it's mr. Mansour. There's one hanging out in the column. Gave me go for us is to get people that come with the gin and stands at the gym as long as they possibly can conclude its biggest girl in long. Wolf what is that we purposely to put clocks in the walls just so people yet but soon. I usually. And I'll work if you know him common. Workable for ago and put him tons Tribune and cause. You know my experiences you go to what was Jones an award from people. Looks that way at some period of ticket afterward accuse the amendment two minutes between its it's you know 21 Mobil's. And what do what do 44 with three awards for work and it's taken a long period. We rose a bit of feeling when it crossed that you. Of all bring muscles put in Google open door and some eyebrow slowed to two when the functional. Schools that is follow along on. Here's. Not a good too much detail but come across a Wii speak to ten domains fitness C had strength witches. Be able to pick up your body when it. That you have cardiovascular endurance which is can you run 200 meters in coupons like Luther ulcers support soft keep on breathing and keep on moving. If there's flexibility. If accuracy such is throwing a ball or target. And down on the cross it. We strive to meet you. Proficient in all ten domains you're stronger as the weakest point which is kind of like the the ultimate word so to speak with the ultimate athlete from. Dorsey. Jack what chase Nestor none but it kind of tends to be that way it was had an athletic and he everything. Everything so. Kyle would have been cold Arctic air to do he would be no I'm good for golf if you don't he's right now in better shape now while and I both are. But you know unfair. We want to put a silent. I have this drill instructor and I always remember one days. I hesitated just for a second. And he slipped some just removed or all of them some small single poem. And then he sort of keep in mind that I do my muscle kitco Panama. And I don't forgot. And I would like it was when problems no not until productive these are gonna to tell its story but Susan was there something that would put. Money in Goldman. Shields whom. Push them to the. Will they go to I think you're hooked I think with the first Friday of every month he can bring a friend for free we saw I think Syria and Conan. But up I want Peralta on other thing. And I think this is another big reason why crosses so big in the veteran community is that. Across as the entire community has found ways to honor. Follow military members on the call hero law itself. North Honolulu would love that area and how that you know has come Libyan how I mean I can tell you how big a deal that is you do. Murphy is of the the most famous one. How patriotic that gets people failed. Now it's where my few days ago across that the X started with those original eat those of this program was developed for law enforcement firefighters military personnel problem. Let's get you better job of sad yeah. Ever since inception we have. Seed. Your work that's going to be. Do you unfortunate events we've had more your work that's come out but the really cool way for the need to rally. And get together and are a fallen serviceman as a woman when that the police with a B firefighter would that be military and it. All walks. This of the more powerful these aside crossed and I can't think of another program that does things like that set from. Discrete five keys we see from time to time our small bits here and there. That rally for cause I. To reserve our favorite days said Jim. It's already like a hero and from. Lieutenant Michael Murphy navy seal. Who passed away in combat. Two. Are England hoarding which goes our little tradition we we all 4 July. Investors across donuts is a cool way for the whole community rally and come together for her one costs. Yeah I just don't cross. Right around Boston Marathon bombing happened across annoying and into the hole worked out you know dedicated. The victims and in the survivor's account I'm members think it was pretty cool element but not quote did not have a button while cooler. This whole community really really cares about things. And obviously Nick's close to Boston and a marathon goes right through it. But you know I think you see that many see. The food kitchens usually out the branch flags and certainly the American flag and gay count it you get that sense of community and then. Analysis it was really struck by really Ehrlich yeah. When you know war. But it gives moments then go home champions. I was brought it. Well what's up and sort of pleased they reached an agreement. A pork to lose the city of champions men and tunes the tone of champions. Overall bulls you must be reached agreements. Book to concede why aren't. Attitude some Catholic we go cross for us. Now knowledge it's an amazing thing announced wanna plug you know what's the real look at what the cross for normal dot com so super easier remember. You know. This is something Nat and birdie on the dollar provision mean he really must befuddled as to be trusted no wind and I mean wow that's pretty that's pretty impressive people over sixty. You know they usually that is what the town national and I wouldn't want it real we toppled walls. And charge. Kirk RR. It's certainly certainly. Workable solution obviously. I want them via the answer is when we usually. Try to that when John Moore mentioned in his marine and usually it's within the first five minutes of the show but this is this is something else to do. To be near the end of the hour and it's well on them more compared to compare our actions are you still shoot him in the record short was overruled. Could should or explode. Are you stupid slow. Or strategize for these tried and got our. As sole. What else could someone do. You know to get involved with cross across from one island specifically. And I. On the website implement what the freeh Friday about what wells made. Yes was chemical across as well as as is true for what's that it. Is it's actually free program online and has been spent from day one early two thousands were. If you cross a dot com the original headquarters main site if she posts were cast for. Compensate they would know what so we poster were cast for free of course would dat. Or rather there's no coaching involved sad that this is the programming what to do. But it's a trooper for everybody and it's. It's powerfully in union Holmes and myself on Saturday to try to out it's as simple as going to the website or any cross your gym. Pulling their programming off which can be one of those rounds for timer counts and it's made arazi Kenneth fixed window and just try it out problem. I know heavily biased as inspired my career is cross it by. I found it because I was trying to fine and next thing that. That true alternate train program and it's. It's no longer trend it's truly a fitness revolution so to speak. It's your step there's lots of trends here and there that Kamal and disappear and maybe come back to resurface from time to time as a sudden Newt tribe but. This makes your life better. And you don't community aspect adds there's no Internet with trapped taught. But I'll tell you aren't really one a bit of one and spoke more global cross flew them to us the sons of spores loose and actually would you Lorca boom they don't have to say yeah I mean come soon but it's work from different programs image down. Meet MPs. Two and veteran soon amputees. That. To pop chorus for you concede you know. And plus the limb but you know watch. The rest of the blog the Ross that includes a news has room to improve them. Because. It's for school. And unfortunately those are gonna wrap it up to shows. Would it reach under the dollars would purchase of one question Klemperer. Couldn't benefit from cross from he does a lot of the scanners as some stuff from the time it's pretty similar. Romantic and once you know you know towards the last month and pro football signs more can be. Beast marketable clearer some but have everything is sort of gone Michelle's been our strength and John thanks for all you do one on twelve you were listening or veterans thank you for service to our great country compelled to around you. The most and a sound off from the BR KO and sixties it was supposed to. You've been listening to send out on WRK. A shill for veteran. Mortgage networks. Visit Rick.