President Trump Update: April 26, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Wednesday, April 26th

Trump is now considering issues an executive order. He wants to pull out of NAFTA. It’s the first full free trade agreement. Trump realizes Canada and Mexico don’t want to renegotiate this trade deal. 


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The corner man's quick progress report on Trump's first 100 gates. And is sponsored by mr. pot hole man residential and commercial. Mr. Paul Holm and ports pavement first. My France. Trump is now seriously considering. Issuing may be the mother of all executive orders. According now to multiple media reports. He now wants to unilaterally. Pull out of NAFTA. NAFTA. Was the first big free trade agreement. That launched this new world order this new system of globalism. And the end of our sovereignty and our borders. And trumpet is now saying it's obvious the Canadians don't seriously want a renegotiate it. The Mexicans don't wanna seriously renegotiated. In fact the Mexicans nauert toying with an entry fee for Americans going into Mexico. Good locked. Good block. Believe me I got other places to go then Mexico all if you're gonna start charging me an entry fee but let that go. What NAFTA did. Was it began Dee Dee industrializing. Nation of America. The loss of millions of jobs factories. All of our wealth getting outsourced. To Mexico. To Canada. Then to China than to Asia Japan's South Korea Brazil India. And which romp is now saying is it is time to put America first. We are defined by our borders. And the job of the government. Is to protect. The interests. Of its citizens. Not the interests of the world. And this is why he'll lead to despise him this is why if trump can pull off his revolution. It will change the course of human history forever. And the person we may ultimately have to thank. And I agree with Charles Murray ominous. The irony of all ironies. Is Hillary rotten Clinton. Education had she not said Doug deplorable comment and revealed what she and her fellow what Leach really think. Speeding in the faces of the people of Wisconsin. And Michigan. And Pennsylvania. She may have won the election. But the car she opened her big mouth. Middle America rose up. And now my friends this is our one shot. To take our country back.