President Trump Update: April 24, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Monday, April 24th

Will President Trump revive his healthcare bill? Can they get it passed?


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151 here on the great WRKO. OK. The corner man's quick progress report on Trump's first 100 days we are nearing the end is powered by mr. pot hole man. Pavement repairs and maintenance commercial and residential. Make pavement great again. Visit mr. pot hole man dot com. Trump has now announced late last week while working with Ryan Orion that they are going to try to read by. The healthcare bill. Now from what I've been reading so far it's being done behind closed doors. But everything that I've read it appears to be a significant. Improvement. Over the previous bail. There is going to be a lot more competition in the bill. They are going to give states again this is from what I've read we haven't seen the bill yet. And the chance topped off out of almost all of the obamacare mandates. If peeking get Republicans. On board and get 216. Votes. With a buy in from the freedom caucus and so far the freedom caucus appears to like much of what's in this compromise bill. Then I believe the senate has a real shot of passing it and then trump can actually put his signature to were real Health Care Reform bill. If he's got the votes do it but if he doesn't my strong advice to the president believed health care all loan. If you don't wanna do more straight repeal. Then leave it all long. Because the bigger issue is the economy and tax cuts. Once you start cutting taxes and the economy homes it will lift all bolts. Including all political boats and that means you Mr. President. If you wanna hear more of my up our podcasts or might take on Trump's first 100 days. Go to Slash 100.