President Trump Update: April 19, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Wednesday, April 19th

The polls were wrong yet again. In Georgia polls predicted that Democratic Jon Ossoff would beat Republican Karen Handel So much for that upset! More fake news from the media! 


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It's. 154. Here on the great WRKO. OK in my friends that corner man's quick progress report. On Trump's first 100 days. Brought to you by mr. potter whole mantra pavement repairs and maintenance commercial and residential make pavement grade again. Visit mr. pot holed man dot com. Yesterday. Very important special election in Georgia. Whereby the liberal media. And again the polls were wrong. Whereby the liberal media was predicting. A decisive victory by the Democrat. John all soft this thirty year old document Gary filmmaker who it turns out doesn't even live live in the district. But let that go. And they thought he could win the 50% needed break that threshold and steal the seat from the Republicans. He fell short by several percentage points finished with 48%. Of the vote. The biggest Republican vote getter there was a huge field Karen Handel got 20%. There will now be a runoff on June 20. And now it looks like Karen handle will hold and win the seat for the Republicans. Sold they went from being a trump slayer. They're now saying when can we win. My friends. More fake news from the media. They said it was a referendum on trump and his presidency. They were predicting a stunning democratic upset. And instead. They got another defeat. My advice to the Democrats. Next time why I'm sure nominate a guy that day who lives in the district and you don't cut commercials. With him with a light Saber. Playing a Star Wars what do nature rolled kid but that's just me. If you wanna listen to more of my podcasts of Trump's first 100 days go to dolby York KO dot com slash 100.