President Trump Update: April 18, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Tuesday, April 18th

President Trump sends two more aircraft carriers to the Korean Peninsula and 1,500 US troops have landed in Australia because of tension rising in North Korea. 


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Corner man's quick progress report on Trump's first 100 days and today it's a doozy. Donald Trump. Is now throwing down the gauntlet when it comes to the dictator of North Korea Kim Jong on. What we are now seeing my friends is the greatest amount of tension on the Korean Peninsula since the end of the Korean War. And as I speak to you now. Trump has now decided to send two additional. May be aircraft carriers. All along with the aid may be strike group that is already there in the Korean Peninsula. He is adding an immense amount of firepower. China and Russia are now sending in their ships. South Korea is now on red alert for a possible attack. And North Korea has now come out and said. If there is even one bullet fired it will unleash a quote unquote nuclear war. Japan is on high alert and even now Hawaii is making preparations. For a possible attack. That they fear from me missile or even a chemical weapons attack from the mad midget in North Korea. Trump. Was passed on FOX & Friends. What he wold do about North Korea. And he said he will not telegraph anymore oops I'm like Obama and Clinton. Who we says were played like fools by the North Korean regime. Trump says he wants to remain quote unquote. On predictable. Listen now to the Donald. Saying I don't want Kim Jong-un should know what my next move is going to be. Roll it Jarrett and wanted to know what I'm doing what I think it. Who is more unpredictable. Donald Trump pork Kim Jong on. And is this now turning into Trump's Cuban missile crisis.