Peter Valdes-Dapena (CNN, Self-Driving Cadillac)


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I've never been in a self driving car never sat behind the wheel of one I've never been a passenger and self driving car. But Peter evolved as the Pena from CNN money has he drove it for a 150 miles east enough to join us today on the financial exchange I Peter. So talk to us about your experience I I saw this guy should be his last week I read the article. But tell our audience if you would about your experience driving a Cadillac with this feature called super cruise. Was very interesting. And we say self driving some to burn a quibble about whether it's really so Brad and I. Because it only works on highways. You can't use this in the city it only works on designated interstate the car use uses GPS technology to know. When it's on one of these road where it's allowed to work as very detailed internal maps so it knows where every curve is every upcoming tollbooth. It knows when the linger in his skin and then what it allows you to do in a lot of first they have an active cruise control. And technology called lane keeping assistance. This key kid but a certain distance behind the cars ahead provided use at a certain speed to. And they'll actually moved the steering wheel for hip. I'll be keeping an Olympic you have to keep your hands on the steering. This system takes that another step farther because not only don't have that might be on the gas to the breaks the cart is terrible that. I can remove my aunt completely from the steering abdomen might lap all the cup of coffee. Whatever. The requirement though for me for this system to work is that I have to be looking at the road. I can't be watching a dvd I can't be it checking my email. Any uses the camera an additional camera mounted on the steering wheel bit looks that might base hit by a book away for too long line. From the road the system won't work. What's too long Peter the caddie is it a second two seconds. It's about I think five to ten seconds or so good if I keep my face looking away. This system essentially what Tommy. What are not playing this gamer if you're gonna do in this rate. And the car will safely. Turn the system. So you're how you're in O Alain in your driving what from New York to Washington is you're right okay. Doesn't hurt collection trip all told that two and fifty miles or so most of the time while I was on I 95. I was able to to use this system and basically just sit there. At what speed Peter. And a lot of little trouble but yeah seventy miles an hour percent. So we use in the right Eileen just kind of going the flow of traffic birdie go our way. Is tied it in the I was most the time not on the left went and invaded just to the right the last place. Completely goes pretty fast and you know basically don't wanna. Get a speeding ticket on doing this since. Usually either in the left lane about getting around someone and that or they would move over back into that second from the La land. So is the operator you can choose the speed at which you wanted to travel. Some systems some of these systems. That are similar to this like Mercedes or have a keeper hands on the wheel bull also automatically read speed limit signs and we'll actually slow down. This cart as indeed it is entirely up to EU. What you wanna go the speed limit below the speed limit over the speed limit you set the speed you wanna go. Again assuming there's not a cart president worshippers are corporate in going slower it's been a slowdown. How pilots how close does it let you get to the car in front of you if you're going sixty miles an hour. At what point does it slowed the vehicle down. Before it to relocate are pretty right fifty miles an hour yup you you can choose to setting that your comfortable way you can even get confused how large a big gap between yourself and a car in front of you. Pretty able someone of the car with needs that you like Steve is a shorter gap because otherwise cars keep cutting in front of you. Just for the sake of comfort I like a longer gap between the this car prep. How do you how did you change lanes let's say get behind a slow poke and yet he's won a change lanes and pass them. But oh how does that work. Well in this car you have to you have between came wind changes yourself so you signaled hurling paint. You grabbed history will move mr. Engel in that once you're reset in the in the next play and we'll see when I'm one lane your laps to pass somebody who is editor in that lame the that car we'll let you know okay. Urine and Elaine now I can stick a car has cameras and attack the lane lines again you let go of the steering wheel and the car will resume. It's on operation and that way. OK in an initially had to do get it started EU immerse say you're driving emerge on the highway. You get into the right lane like most of ST get up to the speed limit. Then then what you do how do you engage this Chevy cruise. Assist isn't it our crews. Who murdered it. That's the tricky part of Africa told DMI thought they'd be needed to work on and look at our. Once you're on a car. Where our gratitude and watch her on a highway where the car recognizes. That this system can work here. It is designed to work on this particular highlight the 88 small steering wheels symbol appears in the gauge cluster up to the right of where the speedometer is there's a little race during real. And that lets you know that okay you're in the middle of drilling had been in the oval in port to work then you press and OK button on your steering wheel. And once you do adapted that simple turn to green that there's a late in the top of the remote your steering wheel like that weight bearing your idea. That also will turn green. And that lets you know the system is working you take her hand up mr. Peter but if I'm if five by a caddie today does it automatically have the super cruise on that's on the car. You know. It's a roughly 5000 dollar option nobly on most Cadillac yeah except for the very top trim level. But that's you know that's you're getting up into an 80000 dollar car. Where war. So on the very top trim level comes standard on the other ones it. Now as General Motors said that they're gonna make this available on their entire fleet of vehicles or is it just on the high end cars. Also earlier picking available on Cadillac I would only imagine them I don't know respected him as answer at least at this. But given how these things usually work and how it has worked with things like active cruise control I mentioned earlier linked to be assistant. Those things tend to trickle down. Into less and less expensive cars so my guess is before too long. You will be seeing this on several days. As well. Does it become issues like you think about cruise control that was an added feature back in the seventies. You'd pay for those clunky and then now every car comes with cruise control desist become standard equipment in five years. My guess would be yes my guess would be what's gonna happen is we're gonna see a progression of this technology as it rolled out the technology it's cheaper and cheaper customers start to expected more. So you're going to see things and more on that ultimately particular move towards a police self driving car meaning one that can actually drive itself. In city traffic as well on the highway them but in the meantime we're gonna see it step by step technology like yes. And and that's it mr. trickling down to before long were searching active for his control being I think expected. On more and more cars or deceit that and then after awhile I think maybe I would think more than five year but I think after awhile you're gonna see this kind of technology. Becoming standard. Also with consumers learn how to use it mean all Lotta people still don't really even understand. Active cruise control lane keeping assistance of people don't like it they're not comfortable with it but that's customers start to learn how to use this stuff. There's also that comfort level and passed it. Bit faster growth in India actually competent OK we put this in a number of cars there have been no major incidents we understand that it's now's the estate in people might use it. And they made again it'll Circuit Court. Do you think it leads to a reduction in accidents on the highway. Absolutely. I think technology like this will absolutely. People get scared about it they're they're nervous about it. There's no question in the vast majority of practice. In cars are caused by simple human hair is people making mistakes. The more important computerization we have been we're seeing this already with things like automatic emergency braking is already reducing deaths and accidents. So I think there's no question that as this gets out there. He is gonna make driving safer. Because people are the less often get them to be distracted in swerve into the next lane or you don't failed to stop in time for car. You'd Peter thank you very much for your time appreciated. Thank you Peter evolved as de Pena from CNN talking to us about self driving cadillacs. I don't know that I would pay 5000 bucks for. None of this point not for that kind of technology. But as you said the cost is gonna come down. And it's gonna make its way in other vehicles and if it's a thousand bucks with a lot of people might. Yet those three year old timers like me remember back in the seventies cruise control so he would pay for about a car yet death. Add that in it was an extra.