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I. A web site because liberty on the com or if you send up smoke signals and we're looking out will note that you. So our show today. It's always about liberty but today we're talking about the flip side of liberty which is tolerance. Liberty and tolerance are two sides at the same point. And the reason why I say that is because. I don't have liberty. If everybody else doesn't tolerate me exercising liberty. Right now in the studio with I'll Romberg command council. For an it's sadly absent today and missed but. I don't have freedom of speech. If Ken and Alex decide when to shut me up to them probably overpower me what you have the strength of ten men. But. I depend on their tolerance I depend on your tolerance I depend on you listening to me. In order for me to have freedom of speech. And tolerance. Is not really going along with something that you agree with the tolerance from from the work tolerate. Tolerate means something you recognize the package you have to deal. It's not necessarily something to enjoy. So Massachusetts. A lot of Democrats will tell you I'm very tolerant I support same sex marriage. But not tolerance because they're talking about political philosophy that they agree. If you are Democrat Massachusetts that your tolerant. Tell that you support Second Amendment Rights. Tell that you support legalization of Candace. If you're Republicans. By the way. To exercise your tolerance and say I support people in sports and sex marriage I support in this all of these issues that are doing something that. Expands liberty. Tolerance is letting people exercise liberty. But it tolerance kind of go either way candidate and you know obviously people. Are worried for their rights as far as a religious rights you know their ability to make sure their church is able to. I had to do things that there you know because against their principles. And would hope that their beat tolerance on that but of course economic crosses the line money you know. Whose tolerance. Goes where and how does that. Break down what we're we're I'm we're talking about this a classic case this. Big BK right now others. I think the most recent cases in Colorado. Where speaker. Refused to make a cake for gave way. And this is all hot issue. Does the speaker's right to his liberty. Allow him to refuse. To serve people. Or. Does cut to people have a right to say the business. Is serving the public and therefore as the public I'm entitled to be served. So in terms of a church or church before fourth performer same sex marriage. That's never gonna happen in America right the First Amendment we talk about the fact that to there's going to be. Freedom of religion confirmation no law respecting an institutional religion. As a result. I'm going to say for sure that. There is no way that a church would ever be forced to perform religious ceremonies that. But to go back to the cake when you think about it you got a full that are on the other way. You know should a Jewish speaker be forced to bake a cake with Nazi decorations alone so someone goes in a market basket and ask for decoration has you know. And a swastika on it because they're having a Nazi party should they be forced to provide a because they're a public. And company. So there's there's of them Edwards is a nuanced question and I'm trying to give you the new wants to answer so Gary Johnson when you run for president he said. No matter what happens. You have your first amendment rights. Nobody can take away your freedom of speech nobody can force you to say something that you don't say nobody can stop you from saying something that you want to. So while the store that sells case. I have to Celtics. But I don't have to decorate a cake I don't have to put my speech onto my artistry anything like. That's your job this argument and I agree with that to a certain extent. Because it seems contrary to appointed it's been argued on this show previously with regards to health care that if health care could be right. The that would imply in some way that that health care providers are impartial. In some small part slaves slaves it's gotten so if you're saying that. Someone selling goods in the public square. Pass to sell it to any specific person you're saying that person is being forced to you what they in the same position. Yeah so these two keywords used public so there are private businesses in the United States that already allow discrimination. Two keys to Apple's other boy scouts of America hoot you know he masters when it's not a business well I've discussed national the golf. The country club to not only female members that we didn't even mean that the money. From the numbers to be Amber's well that's exactly and because they're project. And immediately take money from the members because their price they're absolutely out to be discriminatory. So if if a baker didn't want to have a gay couple coming into their store they could put a sign that says you know. Note no bags no gay people whatever they put up an offensive sign that would keep people out. So our question is what's that we have it why would the baker wanna put up that's why would work pager put up on the sign that says I discriminate. And the reason is because it would cost of business right so should we allow me to put up that signs the beacon out those people Wilson so we do. We do if you wanna be a private business kind if you wanna be a private business you can't. Now it's not a situation of between public and private business can the public business it sounds like it's being run by well so public entity like that the government is a difference if you want the public business. You get a business license from your municipality well I shouldn't be business license when we on the right exactly and we have mixed we have mixed feelings about business licenses is adamant central. But the way it works right now. Hey if you went out of business in the municipality. You make a copy on a contract with them. That contract is your business license to consider whether or not you know it's it's legitimate to that so we need to get those lemonade sellers on the corner in my street. They needed business license because. It's pretty dangerous ya so. Yes Scott can let's hear we got Scott coming in right now where he got skipper Scott. Good morning to I mean good evening gentlemen. Publicly to your conversation him down and starting with the cake. What the feeling a cave somewhere in America in the United States where a woman went in with her watered birthday cake it's that I LP Brooke create all the two were child. I didn't did I there may be a case like that a big because there yeah I was there. There was a three year old kid whose name was named after enough for the benefit. The point I'm making is that it's it's it's hot it's cool that's a ludicrous but but anyway it was if you want about cake it was crazy enough. She got the right to get it but it's a double edged sword for business no one of their right mind. It's gonna advertised the week it'll put up you think the ought to take whatever. But but cause it's about the business but as you know years ago. Country club it had signed they could have signs that the Fed will not accept Knoblauch will not accept do they have that they have got in the front of their property. When the Irish came over the 1840s that would fines. In the slop. The Russians suffered no Irish need apply so so they have got that right but in today's. Patriots you question outlook beyond economics so what side. But upon on the other hand for example what I agree with Freddie administered doesn't wanna Mallory a homosexual couple he. Feel it's it's against his his all religious beliefs. He helped the right to deny them without being persecuted. Yup I absolutely refuse. Scott thanks very much for the call thanks so one of the things I say about that is that yes. First Amendment no church before we should be argue anything. But the next thing that I would say is that we do need to distinguish between public and private businesses because when you sign a contract with the public. You're saying I want from you police protection. Fire protection. Utilities. Etc. and I want access to the public I want to foot traffic coming into my store. If you don't want to sign the other side and I never got a contract and I got the signed as a member of the public saying. These are the terms that I agree with with. So called public business and I would argue that is what your elections are. Your army elections are electing the officials who negotiate its security by a majority that says it is somewhat purely by the majority but. There is an incorporated and that you can go to an open up your business. Why would somebody not if I want to open up to discriminate or Tory business why can I just go to you know. West BF he Massachusetts. And open up my cakes or there it's an incorporated and wanted to sign of this law contract anybody but I can you know refuse to serve anybody I want. As we come back to property rights though I mean. Piece of real states open in downtown busy traffic area. And you buy that property and you can use that property to. Obviously zoning issues. And that's the topic for another today by. You know you're zoned for retail you wanna open up a retail business and you have you buy a piece of property in that heavy traffic area. Yup you know where's the contract come and where is this agreement. To be a public business when you're just kind of essentially at that point. Using your property rights. Sure well I mean without question. There are restrictions that we generally argue against that governments put upon people and put on businesses. But there are some arguments that would say there are reasonable requirements that the public has a commodity. That commodity is the public MB type mode reasonable requirements it it seems to me that this whole big decay kind of controversy is used as a red Herring. To really inject more government. Discrimination laws to control more businesses even though we know that no good businessman is gonna put out a sign that says. We don't serve this kind of person that conversant his right bad for business right the market takes care of these issues and I think they're used. By politicians. To enact their own kind of loss to pick and choose where they. They can add their influence was so that's exactly and that's what I would argue is that if you are discriminatory business. You are actually engaging in fraud. If you try to lure customers in with the idea that you actually are accepting business so if you are a small minded bigot. Who wants or have a store and say no black people out no Irish no Italians know gays whatever you wanna discriminate against. If you're going to discriminate against that group of people. Then you shouldn't tell everybody else put on actually legitimate business I accept everybody welcomed the public. And the reason that they don't wanna do that. Is because most of their customers are gonna go away when we have that situation. What we wanted to do with that. So Greg Blue collar skippy thanks so much for Colin we got a couple minutes before the break what one tells. And they tea. You're right and and money when you which raised the vote. I would look to see the thing where you say okay we're gonna make two K that can be played on top and we all these other little truth to thank you take at all. She's currently Petri orbiter any word you want it aren't. But. What happened. In the bakeries are rash right anyway. Not independent it all put all into the city at the house because they have to have the exit permit. Permits to keep will permit and do all the permits till they go to the yoke. There should be should need a gun on a so so therefore. How it stuck. With a lace it will do you do well it is trying to. You cheated and not so. It's a lot he is a two alarm would go and I'm to make apple you know this is really deep we don't do that and apple pie. Note sorry to do not permit act and now every these permits. And they all you they I don't chew on the street Louis city and states early bubble. Earlier upset right now thanks very much for the call skippy one of the things that is it the issue for me is. I'm a raw milk fan I grew up in Texas there was a deer or nearby as of the you'll be it would go to the area raw milk. In Massachusetts it's illegal to transport raw milk across the border from. Vermont to Massachusetts. You know this issue of tolerance is bigger and I think we kind of stirred something up here so. Get ready take a break or have people call back afterwards and I'm really go into the history of public accommodation laws and talk about. What's happening in our country right now on how this all ties in the idea at Butte tolerating when I want on tolerated when you want and we find a way to live together. Catch you guys after the break. Welcome back to go vote. Point seven. 686 date and send text messages exceed zero think zero cents a week two at liberty on the air. So we have this conversation about tolerance in the idea of who is a business required to serve. And you know that goes back to our history. Civil rights. Martin Luther King gave a famous speech that the before he was assassinated. Where he talks about. Students going into lunch counters and well here I'll let you hear Doctor King talked about himself. All week they've thrown out of the speech you know what's so bad I had eight. I live again. China are you on the rough on NN poll had a target on. Yeah Andrea put on this stand. Some of these illegal and kill him. May god put on the back of a mob of certain basic First Amendment privilege the call they complemented him well but. We'll go about it. But some well outrage. Of the freedom and all the sudden. Somewhat rare. Freedom of speech. Somewhere out there all the freedom are perhaps. Not well I don't know. If Obama won't call you know right now. And that's critical you know the idea that freedom of speech my arm to kiwis talking about civil rights. He's talking about American rights. And that's what order they were based on a lot of those American rights are based on the ideas of tolerance. Ron Paul famously said we don't have freedom of speech so we can talk about the weather. We are freedoms speech who we can say some very controversial ideas to which other. He just now you know we get a little hot in the studio talking about. Civil liberties and requirements for a baking cakes and what stores have to do. And in the same speech Doctor King references. What happens when students were going in to lunch counters that and I'll let him talk about that. Wouldn't have been around that in 1960. And students all over the Salah. Spotted sitting in my town. And I knew that I think listening and they were read this standing now. All the best and the American clean pick up the whole nation bulls played well. For democracy with regard people I've found in all votes in the declaration of independence and the constitution. As a that's exactly. So here's my question do you guys. Would Doctor King says that people go to lunch counters and they sit down and they're demanding service because this restaurant as a public accommodation. Right are they standing up I think you're completely missing the whole point band OK is it. These were the rules that the these restaurants when bank that didn't allow colored people to either sit at certain places or come in and all. Those were enforced by government laws well that's very so point. What I meant different things that we yes we should not have laws that allow or that actually encourage. Separating. You know customers buy rice or because because accelerated actually was the law he wouldn't yes it was orchestrated by government. And if when you take away those laws that enforce segregation. Business owners are keen to the idea of getting new customers but that's not work argument here because. Right now they're clearly bakers who don't want to serve gay couples give the differences. The police cannot enforce its the segregation. Right so what but he without without the least fortunate segregation. There is in fact segregation. Right actually that's I have a sanitized the time entirely true I mean obviously if there. Going into an establishment that doesn't want them act the navy trust that's exactly. But I think that the date the nuance of what I'm trying to say is that there was forced under a loss segregation businesses weren't allowed to offer. Mick mix eating right to diner right that was the brochures and that was that was part of the issue. And you know as segregation laws were. Repeal the Civil Rights Act. You know there are some people who say that Civil Rights Act doesn't actually restrict liberty. What people don't say that that's just true well it that it that it doesn't end you know there are certain restrictions to liberty. That we accept as part of publicly. For example. In Boston. Seven years ago we had a fire. That on Beacon Hill on come out it's hard not beat you know fifty mile an hour winds to firefighters died. But didn't burn down the whole city. The reason that timber animals city. Is because back when those buildings were built there was a fire code that require firewalls be built in between these buildings are right next to each other. Is that an unreasonable restriction on liberty. Or do we have to tolerate some of those rules in order for us all to live together. So we come back after the break we're gonna have an expert on this issue. He should Thomas is joining us he should Thomas was a student at the University of Michigan 21 years ago. When she attended a rally an anti Klan rallies and was also be in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A man came to disrupt the rally where confederate flag. All sorts of white supremacist symbols. And the crowd turned on him and they attacked him. He Asia. True were principles. True the idea of tolerance. Intervened. At potentially seek this man's life. We're coming back to talk to key issue about tolerance about her actions and her personal commitments. Will be back cue up the calls now 617. 266686. Say when you guys after the break. And bill. Welcome back to live beyond the year. Our topic is liberty when all. 666868. Cents a text message to succeed. That your. And and our topic collar today we've been talking a lot about. Talking the talk but we're lucky to have a guest. Was walking off. He should Thomas was a student at University of Michigan when when years ago. The clincher and a few rally in Ann Arbor. And she was part of a if you rally and we're getting together to pass. A man came by. To disrupt their orders disruptive. And he should be there a mask you tell the rest of the story. Hello thank you again for having what are you what a pleasure to have you on. I think you're ultimatum. We're doing well you bring. So we're calling us from I'm usually you know in little Italy no not in and around holidays. No I appreciate its late here Boston's well look I'm originally from Galveston so I was always happy to hear from another person from close. I absolutely so well. I was gonna go through yours your story 41 years ago yearn Ann Arbor. You show up at the and if he Klan rally essentially right clearly shows up they're gonna march and Ann Arbor. Collect the government and that and I remember as a lot like Berkeley yup it is a very forward to being played very liberal plays the power play. So the idea. A group of racist people car it's our town with some that we just as a whole word not the college. And it didn't pure black away there future and you're Indian are you know what implement it just it mattered we all. We're on one accord. Got you so you get together you guys have a peaceful protests planned. And then somebody shows up right. Well this is what happens so we had the claim and so the and there are behind Boston in the plea to protect women that we have the anti Klan protest. Which it will have a part it out of nothing very you know gone to the protesters is that. A global. Yep just recently got a big one in Boston. Okay. More about how would be double absolutely they called the battle of Boston it was a little more. Losing validity climatic but essentially was. From supporters and anti. And it generals a lot of intolerance on both sides. I'll applaud about that is how we get through them up in the list but so there's no school work. Pocket the grounds is like. We're not commit into this in just is that like yeah and who might want to coordinate interviews was oh wouldn't it. And all the planned since ethnic cleansing in the crowd. It. And the whole crowd including myself. Heard and ran in the head now aren't rain towards them I want to say hey you know. You hate me but you don't even know me and why didn't have these dunes and before I can even count the next. I had a crack. The minute. I hit in the head while Eddie all the ground. Felt the ground. Our style implement pet I know the club that we see at some that's some good. Right I mean this is a hard court beating it's about to occur right. Well I reckon I mean it's a what do you do then blow it like to leave it to about Italy down I would. My body was found on pop. But nobody was hurt it. How did you react to that. Well at the time you know kind of one of those things at the time. Little did I honestly. Don't club did some didn't you know. But at that orbit. People stopped it looked like. You know I think my body down actually the man and all the other people around it meet certain she'll meet him awaited peace. What action that I did. So that just to be clear for because we're on the radio people who don't know you're African American this man was right. There were people in your protest it was a there's a pretty diverse group looking at the pictures of the day. When you guys came together sort of as a coalition. To protect this person to sort of say that's not we're out. Did the me and say anything to you he's thank you. Do you Wear wolves owner heard from him again I just heard from the get go convention the beautiful thing about life. I was downtown Ann Arbor had a copy how thing wouldn't be worth star the and that guy comes up to me and I did it around and are very you know we've been trying to get the focal. And it hail and say hey I'm like you're welcome and thanks for what. Because it was my dad. While while. That. That's obviously. Yeah since you. Well it's on me I knew it. Well after after the incident happened out on the front pages of newspaper and magazine right this is one of the lights is a year. Right so that's how he would you know. You know annual meeting that he'd seen me around before but it was almost certainly never annulled. Right trickled flat fact I even you get you can ever imagine that. It's funny you you said an act of kindness. There's a great line in. The Willie walked a movie where he says so passes an act of kindness and weary world. And it's true because sometimes you know we get worn down. By anger and the humans and we don't understand what our little acts of kindness do. So you know that's not the end of it though because I was talking to Alex and he pointed out to be another story. Turkey. Quiche and in as looking through some of it has taken a crosswind and I believe it was for the women's march back and Washington earlier this year. Regarding wearing a pin or not wearing a pen keynote video talk you. Right so in that video you know obviously there are a lot of people. And it seems like maybe from the book and the African American community who. We kind of wanted is some of the white way and set out from that specific former protest they want them to not Wear the pen. And you don't want that because you sighed as don't get. Aren't you will deliver it was not just it was not an actor American Media outlet to look at it like that there were a lot of other people see we can't get a kick out label off. You know pretty black person what animated me that it punt returner articulate but if you look at that public government you know a lot of them root amid complicate. No white people that would like oh you bet that you stop trying to be so liberal or so leftists and so bright and so this piece you're so. You know I did the pocket can't Colbert who like. I actually can't do it every year the love and other executives. One is saying that that's coming up these kids have been is that they go to. You know try to work with different groups. And you get from groups that say all you can't represent me or talk to me about plow blocking you get experience at. All. You need these sexual but you know you're gay you're gay female. You know butch is. You know compared to the one that transmit a bit different compared to the black experience might live in primetime product. If you match I gave. Right because. The people who were doing the oppressing their release date the time to considered rude as all they want to be superior. And it's up like that it appears that we. Hit what that we can't do this was one of the Galen good a lot of things are going well right now. We have people they're trying to be here we've got to do it like whenever I think we've I don't care I implore the guy on reform its attic and. Got a good solid out of control cute or mean like. So that's what I was gonna ask you so you know you've got a long history now sort of fighting for tolerance. What are you up to now. Who. That the if you wanna come back and hopefully it'll. I mean does it again or something active that you know you. You're you're an activist out there's there's a thing right on that you want people to know about that's important. I've been a lot of that today so let's say to reshape okay this week. A sounds good I mean an a but I know it changes it but. It. And it's a this week is a good start because right now the political climate is changing on a day to day basis so. That's true but remember you well the little challenging things change but. You know you're who you are what you're really they've never changes they're very fundamentally the same so. You can let. Say that OK so. I am one of the things that most proud is that Iowa has I was able to lock gun violence. And urban area which are lists. That are spread like my biggest accomplishment like. Bet field. How does how it went looking for the solution to gun violence and I have trouble was yeah I think that's the you know. It was not just one person is secure peaceful as we have done it. There are holding it was evident very peaceful summer. This is a constant talk about and how do you guys do it. What would get together with an addiction which would want. Right and as far as I know you guys to have to change any laws right is actually own the action. Not about the lie about the actions. Don't understand like not all politicians not to act would agree equally. So my final thing is that you cannot stop certain things in a meeting with politicians behind the doors you have to hit the streets some parts. You know and that's basically. What I did it. And then kind of grew so I had a pop up job development. And then at the pop up you know give clothes away it would work in the caves in the neighborhood food and an equal to what that did was. Number one iron where most people look at all of these particular group of people that bad to adapt to that we've been. You know it is labeled that way. That two of the matter is that seven Apatow on knocked out way right but. Empowered but until then they cut the column for what was oval in the neighborhood. Well it's a bet that when you get people involved like that. Because their buying yen. There's a guy running for governor in New York right now Larry sharp with these he says nobody is more passionate. In the converted. So when you can hurt these people to your cause they're probably greed out tickets for what you're talking about. Better than I mean look at the port would I don't I don't usually will. And a little bit and I loved it but it's as simple formula that would tell everybody what we gathered. It leverages some of the baseball. Baseball bat. It lacks down for the but it diamonds. Keep it over the when you're at the park with the kids don't cop I'm gonna have to have policy right and don't be competitive district up there and have a good look at pizza the beer afterwards. Yeah what are they thinking about is that I think. You know I is sometimes I think about how the country's divided right now. The phrase I heard recently set the country's more divided now than we've been any time since 1860. You people are at each other's throat but it's actually the politicians that are deliberately dividing us and I'm. I kind of blanket statement that because I work with a lot of politicians. I had limited play MLS Bernie Sanders. Let's figure. It. At first it was actually. Saito who I'd love to death who think her head creamed. The congresswoman Aaron to the corner of where we have urban violence yup she did the pep rally. And she not a politician that advises you the woman told everybody and a particularly. Favorite. Is the app in that to get it together. That was good boost that they need. So look at that do you think that the difference between politicians. And the party masters. You think that the parties. OK more English only part that fox propaganda he. Liked it a lot. That's why don't talk about it no no no I don't know I don't know let let's let's back up a little bit and let him. Went pig illegal block sure. Endless endless debate issues. I think at right now. They're Knoll. There is no pretending I am not a natural and that's better put that we citizens accurate. Black. That's fine and this this. Generally in the studio we have exactly the same thing. OK but I don't think that we're on the same or gotten out in the week. We suppose authoritarian ism. There's never been bigger authoritarian Donald Trump in the white but we knew it was and I won't look like John McCain may be it Republicans. Captured more like not expected nanny equipment and aren't meant about it. But let's talk about because. You're a disgrace that so when John McCain is running it looks like he's gonna beat George Bush in South Carolina. Karl Rove trots trots out rumors that so John McCain has an adopted daughter of color. And they trot trot out rumors that actually that is his illegitimate daughter by secret mistress. Try to stir up you know race relation problems in South Carolina and it's not hard to stir them up there. And that's Karl Rove right that's the mastermind of the Republican Party trying to divide people for political gain. And that's what I think is that that's what I'm talking a crisis that because all they care about is winning elections that's what seems like to me. Whereas you're right we see a lot of people who are invested in the community. Community local actors politicians right threesome that birdied resonated with everybody. Is because birdies never talking about by the people. Right he's talking about matter whether you're exactly and so I think that's the sort it resonates and so. When I see you know I seize on this that you've done. You're enemies in uniter right because which he talked about the fact is tolerance. That tolerant is putting up with each other we have. Did you know. So we have is that it was that I'm not very strong advocate get to know your politicians. Like politicians are acceptable in your mayor your chief of police pure you know congressman and assess are they should be accessible. I agree with that sound like I in the past month has met the chief the police when I recently got arrested and I saw a play about that next time I'm in so great. I hope I'm the all important to applaud about police brutality and the and the how we have. That that is a huge topic for a suite we agree a 100%. A gimmick that would be reviewed cop and I don't know that's the deal for us to. Know your politician doc rode their track record know how they vote. What does it doesn't it. And that's that's a great message as well because a lot of times politicians are only being accountable. To the people who were reaching up to them. And so if we're not doing our part. How can they be responsive to us. Let them and the people friends Bo likes settling into the 75%. And that's a low years. And here we are we and that's another thing if you out of that I'm not I don't talk to calibrate our one of protests stick to anybody that the most. Right and let sounds extreme but I really don't hear you can't do the least of your duty as an American and they go vote yet other than talk about because. How did all the time you know you wanna be part of the effectiveness as the protests. Right let me down there at city you wanna be marching would be on a block but you know what again. I'll go to the voting Booth indeed the first step that we don't have to be down they're voting on I'm gonna tell you this certain things that I don't think we're ever gonna fall. Right I'd like to look at things and what can I win like what battled and I look here and know that outflows out of the Dow which there was. Well it doesn't matter right or wrong. So that is a great place for us and the segment idea of understanding where the battles we can pick what are the things we're gonna win. Q should Thomas I'm so glad that you called in I'm looking report that you want again because. You got along with you can tell us a lot more that we can talk about and recognizing. That we really are all this together. So thank you so much for calling in from. My second seeded Texas out don't want quickly to say they're ready for we go it is there any website you want to direct people towards you you know keep track with what you're doing. And I get involved in what you have gone on. All of the sudden Newt follow me or they. You know you could the day in and day out I avoided that paternity. And adding a day it it so much harder. Q who just. In the white people all the time if I had ever hit it to a class it wouldn't doubt about it wouldn't be debate. They just says you pick argument let me just to get attacked and let me go ahead. I would think about like what we have to do now is think about what our common ground. And we need to work achieved to get a good I'll some this excerpt that we just don't have conflict. So that's wonderful things who we will put up links to teaches FaceBook page. I'll put up links to her story on the web site. And we will come back to you guys after the break. Liberty on the air that. You're talking about tolerance and had a really good show tonight. If you have this he missed some are back episodes that would be aware of the fact you can get them all on podcasts. Go to www. Liberty on the air dot com. You can click on a button have the pot can show up in your iPhone click on the button haven't. Podcast show up in year. In Droid does Google play Google music or whatever your preferred. Or metal podcasting. We use automatic as well right now. So whatever you want that's easy way to consume them also if you are somewhere outside of our viewing area and that means our market you know pretty much reaches most of the Greater Boston area even at night but this WRKO apps you can download lose to a live on your phone. Also. Were on Twitter and we're available to rest the week look at our FaceBook page www. FaceBook dot com slash liberty on the year. Those questions for us we addressed several questions that came up over the week that were posted on our FaceBook page. We just passed 600 light switches an exciting milestone for us. And the show's popular reason why it's getting popular is because you are listener. So you're it puts gonna make a big difference for us as we start to afford. We wanna hear more from you what are some the issues of liberty that you like to discuss recently questions we can answer. We can hit all those things you know we talked about some controversial topics. Baking the cake. We talked about. Protest and we talked about. Living with. Things that you don't necessarily think that agrees idea what you're gonna Allred. Those are big issues for liberty. And the conversation can certainly had an hour so hit us up FaceBook website. Twitter whatever makes cents. Get Europeans in the air and what's absolutely liberty conversation be larger. Because. That's your part. You're listening to the show because your riches and advancing the cause of liberty right liberties a big deal in the United States it's written into all our documents. The liberty depends on us. Liberty depends on citizens. The read depends on activism. It depends on you and I. Understanding the basic civics of our society. And it depends on us understanding. That our rights. Parolee our rights that are guaranteed. Because we exercise them. There's a famous saying that a right that is not exercised. Is a right that's lost. So what you think about this is your homework for the week. Figure out how you can go out and exercise some of your rights. How can you exercise your first amendment rights. How can you exercise your Second Amendment Rights you can have a listener call Intel minis and he's imprisoning you need your help to him because he tried exercises right well. I think what it's a sad thing because there are a lot of people are imprisoned for exercising their rights to her probably illegal and mostly illegally to write we just had a case in Massachusetts where I mean from New Hampshire right drove over the border with a gun in his car he had a legal permit. Well in New Hampshire and now Maine and Vermont there's no permanent required to conceal carry a firearm. They have what's called constitutional carries and write the United States constitution essentially is their carry permit. And so this just happened in Washington DC as well right single African American mother who lives in Philadelphia. And had a concealed carry permit. Drove to Washington. With a gun in her car believe it was New Jersey actually but yet she can cut your agenda in New Jersey right I mean it's south of Massachusetts within the states are opposite but I mean if you remembered a big livery icon Adam co cash famously loaded shotgun on liberty square. He got glassy and he served time in federal prison exactly right and and that's a great lead into the fact that. Our guest next week is the bad boy of liberty and Adam come cash himself. Adam's gonna be here we're. Talk about a wide range of topics and I know a lot of people. Who want to ask dad about his political aspirations of there was talk that he was going to be. Running for president 20/20. He's running for non president running for non president the right he traveled around the country. Liberty. Talks he wrote a book. Called liberty it and gave it up for free. He was that he's been settlements we've been in that recently and the book is pretty popular so. Adam's gonna be calling you next week we're talking about liberty issues talked about it. Changes that are coming down the road toward us as the from presidency. You. Obviously pleased that the court should talk to. Find a way to get at us and be back here next week. 11 PM Saturday night that you are Leo and succeed. See guys next week.