Kuhner - Head of the Office of Alcohol Testing Fired

The Kuhner Report
Wednesday, October 18th

Melissa O'Meara was fired for withholding information about faulty breathalyzers.  Will this be Charlie Baker's Annie Dookhan?


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All five here on the great WRKO. OK record is now V. Charlie fake Kurds and meet new kids. Huge scandal and it may get bigger and bigger now just to remind everybody. Jeff Jeff wolf that I felt was Andy do you. You remember her she was a Khamis ID the Massachusetts crime lab the big crime lab scandal. Where she was arrested. Firm allegedly mishandling. Over 60000. Samples she was faking drug results. Forging paperwork mixing samples apiece police they target the state police labs. And that helped to overturn. Numerous drug convictions. Numerous drug offenders. Drug dealers were released on the streets. Because of her reckless criminal behavior may Annie Duke and well. Charlie Baker. Chicken Charlie may now be undergoing his own version of Annie Duke and and I wanna give a huge hat tip to Eric grass mussina and Aaron Smith. We want them on the show today they just couldn't make it. Phenomenal reporters at five point five channel fox point five they were the ones who broke this story wide open. Honestly either one of the few really good investigative reporters in this city. Well according now to Eric rests mussina and parents cement here is rust must and I about Eric Rasmussen. And Aaron Smith according to Eric and Aaron here is exactly what they have now broken. The baker administration yesterday. Was forced to fire. This State's breathalyzer. Boss. Now you're gonna say well Chet shafts. That wide of the person. Overseeing the State's breathalyzer as. Have to be fired. Melissa O'Meara. Was fired from her position as they head of the office of alcohol tests that. Why. Because Eric ressam Austin last week along with Aaron Smith was pressing the bakery administration. To give them answers. About why this investigation. And it's been going on for a long time. In two inaccurate and faulty breathalyzer tests. For suspected drunken drivers they had been delaying and delaying and delaying it. And so because of the pressure of Eric's crash from our Erik Rasmussen and Aaron Smith they eventually had to reveal the report. And what their report revealed. Was that the head of the office of alcohol testing IE Melissa O'Meara. Failed to report listen to this. For years. To both prosecutors. And defense attorneys. That many of the breathalyzer tests. Over that several year period from 113 to 2015. Had. Had been faulty. They were using faulty breathalyzer it's and that the tests many of them were invalid. And according to the 126. Page report which it looks like they try to buried had it not been for this dogged investigative reporting. According to his 126 page report. She knew about it. And not only try to cover it up to savor rear end she deliberately withheld this kind of damaging information. From countless defense attorneys and countless prosecutors. Now according to the report which won by the report now. V machines these breathalyzer machines which apparently were not calibrated properly as I said for years. They say they were fixed in 2015. So they say what didn't work between 2013 and when he fifteen. A lot of fault the bad not properly calibrated brothel risers however. In two when he fifteen. They say they were all fixed. And now they provide accurate results. That's what they sent now. Why is this such a big scandal well apparently. You've got over a thousand cases of drinking and driving but could be affected by guests. If you had police officers unwittingly unknowingly. Using fall he or inaccurate breathalyzer ups that means is I told brittney. I said you know Britney think about this look at. Went out for girls night out you had a nice glass of wine EB two glasses of one. And over 34 hours a big deal you're getting your car. Driving a little whenever a little fast whatever it is here. In collier not under proper lane or whatever police officers suspect something pulls you over says hey ma'am I'll license and. Just ration okay yeah Thomas Jennings how many drinks (%expletive) tonight I had two glasses of wine won't really. Matter. Dig a breathalyzer test. And suddenly it shows you the NAFTA glasses a wine yet 56 classes a one. Now you've got potentially all kinds of cases. Where people could have mistakenly. Either gone to jail. Either had their licenses suspended or revoked. Because they claimed at least a brothel wiser is claimed that they were over the limits. When in reality they may have just had one beer one glass of wine or whatever. And they weren't over the limit. So you're now looking at at least over a thousand cases. That now the judiciary is gonna have to refuel again. Many of this cases could potentially be overturned. Or reverse because of this. And the damage. Goes on and spreads now furthermore. They claimed that the breathalyzer. Managed machines have been fixed. Should we take them at their word. Because if they were covering them up for years. Why are they cup potentially if this. Melissa O'Meara was willing to cover this up for years. Maybe she claimed they were fixed and tries to continue to cover this up so. They got caught with their hands in the cookie jar they try to cover it up. Because of these dogged to reporters the truth finally got out there he then had to respond by firing. The head of the office of alcohol testing this Melissa O'Meara well let me tell you right now. I think he goes much deeper than Melissa O'Meara there's no one's gonna tell me that only one person knew and nobody else knew. I think that entire office of alcohol testing needs to be completely cleaned out. I think they need to look at her surrogates. People who worked under her and Timmy I kissed. This boggles my mind. You know your police officers are using bad breath the lights are machines. That many of the results are potentially fault. They're potentially invalid or skewed. People could be going general. People could have your life is ruined. People could lose their license. And you cover not. And not only do you cover not. But you deliberately withhold this information. From either defense lawyers or the prosecutors in the case. And I'm not saying you dated once or twice for whatever reason. And then try to quickly fix the situation because you wanna keep your job she did this allegedly according to the report. For almost three years. This thing went on for years. Now let me tell you what nobody else has the guts to say I'm not here to tell the truth what's the point that me being behind the microphone. This is what happens when you keep hiring hacks. This is what happens when you have a state government. Any political system like we have here in the people's republic of toxic choose sits. And it doesn't matter fits Mimi meet Deval Patrick whether it's the Democrats are and his days. Chicken Charlie Charlie Baker a Republican. It's all based on track her grandma. They literally. So you've got people in all kinds of positions of power and influence. Who aren't there because they're the best person for the job. Because they're really qualified to be there you know try it in other throats slit all the lives and the rhinos in the state. You know meritocracy. Try it you may like it. I look seriously revolutionary proposal. Say. You mean don't just give jobs to our friends. And uncles and aunts and nieces and nephews and cronyism. Political Boehner is send and activists and you mean although I'm. We tickled resonance. And we look at their education. Will look at their qualifications. Will look at their experience. Will look at their expertise. And meant Almonte. We in no we interviewed them. Add up three or four candidates you interviewed him in person see how they are look at their social skills etc. get a sense of them. And then you hire what their best person for the jaw. Noelle. You know hole. How he did not work but ducked it can't possibly work and try it you male white hit. This is the problem. I said this to Britney couple days ago. We're battling traffic I'm calling her on the phone she's trying to get in I'm trying to get and traffic congestion. And I'm just saying you know. The traffic I can't believe how about the traffic situation is in Boston it's really atrocious. I said but you know I got to tell you that I would really. When people ask me what's like yo Jeff you've been here now five years what's life like in Boston Massachusetts viewing. A signal I gotta tell you the truth. To beautiful state. Very nice people they're a little Graf on the outside but really deep down many of them have a good heart. That's not what's what shocks me about Massachusetts. It's not the traffic. Plot the congestion. It's not you know how liberal. The state is. What shocks me is this. Is how utterly corrupt the status. Because I'll tell you the truth. When you think New England especially as an American history professor as I was before you think the puritans. You think all the Yankees. Do you think all the Yankee stock. You think all. The abolitionist movement was strong here the push for clean government honest government. That's what you honestly think in terms of the reputation. And it's not sure is that there is so much corruption in the state. That hacks. In this state. The cronyism. In this state. The misuse of money and taxpayer dollars and funds. If that the people for the most part don't care. I said that's right I would guess what I find. Look there's corruption in Toronto. There's corruption and in Atlanta. There's corruption in I don't know Dallas. But when people find out about it. They change. Gave ball the mayor out they both seem counselors out. A big called a day protests in other words I eventually. Did get the corrupt people out. There's a change. I said here. They just don't care. But they don't care of these construction projects go on forever. Don't lose the draw up. Just over two years. Three years four years five years six years. Nearly 700000. Dollars we have to pay to maintain each island Massachusetts. Year. They don't care to the probation scare at the Probation Department is literally full of nephews. And nieces uncles aunts they don't care. They don't care at a house speaker Porky Pig Bob DiLeo is an unindicted co conspirator. And should be in jail OK fair. We're glad they just don't care. DC have babies and children are dying left right and senator care. So. Breathalyzer don't work. Brothel rising machines are faulty they know the machines are faulty they know they're giving fault your skewed results. You've got people now potentially could lose everything you know what do you why. Is potentially very serious maybe even losing a license maybe god forbid going jail. Don't care. They just don't care when they covered up it doesn't matter. And then they firearm after they tried to suppress the report. Some of a data were gonna have to let wanna hack all. And then replace this tack what another hack. I'm telling us that's why they just added as the system just keep going Afghan way unit though just got a got a good pension anyway. So you got a great bench and we're gonna get rid error replace her with somebody else another tactic does keep on rolling. And the presence don't care and taxes go up. A semi seriously and they pick more and more of our money and nobody cares. And I have to sit in traffic. What these moon bats and their three aces with their Obama or Elizabeth Warren or I'm with her Hillary bumper stickers. And I swear for them sitting in traffic for two hours. With potholes everywhere construction projects everywhere theft and corruption everywhere. And like pretend it's a badge of honor. I live in Boston. Liberal liberal. I'm more at her. Title love Elizabeth Warren I'm part of the 99%. Against the 1%. Even though the 1% governs Asa rules us and steals Armani I don't care I'm with her. I love Elizabeth Warren. Like really sitting in traffic. And getting your pocket picked like a badge of honor for these moments. So. I'm looking at this and I'm like look let me tell you it's gotta go the entire office of alcohol testing got to vote. DC Jeff I cleaned that thing up from top to bottom. But welfare department I Yani Yani how the hell do you have pool billion dollars a year. Going to be illegal aliens in welfare any BP how does that happen. Just how you can. Baker is trying to bury this story and I'm telling you my question is now this. I really wanna congratulate. Fox25. Erik Rasmussen and Aaron Smith for having the guts to break this story. Now we're gonna find out. How we in the tank the media is for Charlie for acre. Where's channel four. Where's channel five. Where's channel ten. Where's the Boston Globe where's the Boston Herald are they gonna follow up on this report. And demand that heads roll and people be held accountable or they gonna do what they did for meaning me. Just sweep it under the rug and cover it up 6172666868. Is the number. Okay all over the voice of Boston and two Taiwanese send me here on the great WRK. Okay so. Melissa own marrow the head of the office of alcohol testing has now been fired. Because we now know there were all these faulty breathalyzer machines that reviews. Are from 2013. To 22015. At least. A lot of them were invalid tests are invalid results. Well so the state public safety secretary Dan Bennett. Says now the decision to temporarily sidelined. All of the breathalyzer machines. For either repairs are annual certification. Only done out of an abundance of caution the machines they say were fixed the couple years ago oh don't worry about it. So what is Bill Bennett gonna do want Papa is this other hacks work. So not only are they gonna replace Melissa O'Meara AFLAC with another attack. They always use this as an opportunity. Higher even more acts. So Bennett now says listen to this he's gonna hire a retired judge. Their help oversee the reforms. At the office of alcohol testing. You see how it works or not drama. So that gets fired. Cot to about what can you do replace or put another hack and and then on the taxpayer's dime will hire another act. The judge to look into the office of alcohol testing is still this thing works had upon act upon act. All in Dorchester go ahead ball. Just blow to build the jobs that. Until he talked to what I know the longest time in Massachusetts. A taxi to sit. Not to kill the jobs for the longest drought since I was young different subject the MBTA bus. And as I can tell you all the streets are used to be continually. Look up like it's a mining operation. L streets of Boston was one of a new and street which nodded and and a map when Google map and you put on humans to nearly that went into Stewart. Oh it's being done. And yet at least call is being done that Jeff it's unbelievable. Like in the minority neighborhoods. It's it's it's it's crazy people complacency will complete but if when develop Patrick asked them leaving office. It was being done that there was no pipes nothing being replaced it was a tractor there's some cold until police officers who milking it like no wonder we've we've gone bankrupt. There were looking to find so I don't know what decisions are at fault until the child both. I don't I'm Paula said you touch on something I only see police officer that's another thing I love the cops you know about Bo deadly wrong. But I mean god it's hard to supposed to be arrest the criminals. Instead good starter britney's lap and get a go to Deborah of the construction.