Kuhner – Was President Trump disrespectful to soldier’s widow?

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Wednesday, October 18th

Trump continues to deny that he told Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow “he knew what he signed up for.” Do you think President Trump said that? 


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You're with the color man on the voice of Boston. 106 here on the great WRKO. OK from now gold war. Over a phone call that he made to wait widow. Of a slain here role. My friends is the story now that is literally everywhere. It is in sculpting the entire mainstream media. They are now savaging each romp over this they will not let this story goal the president now is digging in his heels. And I got this I get the sense this could now be an epic confrontation. So here is exactly the context of what is taking place. As you know. Recently. For US special operations forces. Troops are boys. Were ambushed in the African country of they used to call it Niger not nice year. It's in my share the Islamic state I say this is getting a stronghold there they ambushed our boys special forces. Four of them were killed. One of them is one of them was sergeant led David Johnson. He was flown back in a casket. To Miami Dade airport. Now. Before I get to that aspect of the story the context is everything. At the Rose Garden with Mitch McConnell. Schramm was asked a specific question. About why haven't Chu called. Deaf families the grieving families. Of those four slain US soldiers. Who were killed in night here. In other words the implication was Obama did it bush did. Clinton did it why aren't sure calling their grieving family members and widows of the four heroes killed in Niger air. Listen to trumps response roll it Brittany. And. I've written them personal letters. They did center they're going out tonight but they were written during the weekend. I will at some point during the the period of time call the parents and the families because I have done that traditionally. I felt very very badly about that I always feel that it's it's the toughest toughest calls I have to make. Are the calls where. This happens soldiers are killed. It's very difficult thing now gets to a point. Where. You know you make four or five of them in one day it's a very very tough day for me that's by far the toughest sell the traditional way if you look at. And President Obama and other presidents but most of them. Did make calls a lot of them to make calls I like to call when it's appropriate when I think I am able to do it. They have made the ultimate sacrifice so generally I would say that I like to call. I'm going to be calling them what a little time to pass I'm going to be calling them I have as you know since I've been president I have. But in addition. I actually wrote letters individually to the soldiers were talking about and there are going to be going out either today or tomorrow. Now the key point is he said you know Obama and others haven't made calls. The media immediately. Pounced on that comment. And not only the media. It was former Obama officials for example. Elisa amassed strong monuc call. Obama's deputy chief of stop. On Twitter said quote that's a I can't say yet. That's a blanking lie she then called trump quote unquote a deranged animal. Other members in the Obama administration same thing he's crazy he's not he's a liar I he's a deranged animal. Trump then told reporters war war war Wohl. Look what I meant was. Of course probably he did call meaning Obama sometimes. And maybe sometimes he didn't meaning year old letters I don't know that's what I was told. Other presidents did not call the big write letters and some presidents didn't do anything. That. Are we even more gasoline on the fire. So. He then went on Brian Kilmeade show Fox News. And Brian Kilmeade asked them well what do you mean Obama didn't make calls you wanna clarify that. And then trump dropped this mini bombshell. Regarding general Kelley if you're remember about his son. Who was killed in action. Roll it. Britain and one of the questions was about writing that the green beret soldiers and ends up being a bigger story. Can I ask you which he thought about when you brought up past presidents and what they've done do you wanna clarify anything but there's nothing to clarify because if you look at my whole this was again fake news CNN I mean that just a bunch of takers. So they ask me that question and for the most part to estimate not a I think I've called every family of somebody that's. Died and it's the hardest cult of Mac and I said it very loud and curiously the hardest thing for me to do is do that. Now as far as they're representatives I don't know I mean you could ask. General Kelley did he get a call from Obama you could ask other people I don't know what Obama's policy was. I write letters and I also calls. Now sometimes you know if you had a tragic event without it it's very difficult to be able to do that and I have called. I believe everybody but certainly I'll use the word virtually everybody. Where during the last nine months something's happened to a soldier I've called virtually everybody I've gone to Dover. I've seen what takes place at Dover. It's an incredible scene and very very sad. In other words he didn't call general Kelley Exxon. So his point is look I know for a fact when a prominent general son was killed in action Obama didn't call. Now that surest inflamed the media and now even more now they're just out again and now they want crucify this. Soul he then ends up making a call. And he calls the window. Of led this sergeant led David Johnson she is on her way to greet the body in the coffin as it comes back. Are her name is amid Shia Johnson. And it's about a five minute call now here is where the scandal is now completely explode. In that five minute call. In the car with mayor Sheila Johnson. Was a democratic congresswoman. Frederico Wilson. Other family members who were there as well. They claim that you romp was completely insensitive. In the comments that he made in particular. What they said was really insensitive. Was at bat he said to the 25 year arm but the 25 year old husband. Look you know he knew what he signed up for. But when it happens it hurts anyway. The widow says that was incredibly disrespectful. She claims he didn't even know her husband's name. That congresswoman. In the car went absolutely. Ballistic. And listened to her just go off on president from roll it Brittany. Yeah are you sure you. You heard what he says that the president's taking yet he knew he was signing up. Yeah he's. You know I found it to me that is something that you. Can say that conversation. Just to grieving widow and every candles when you go to war. It may not come back a lot to me and behind grieving we look. At. Instead. It's not a sad that it is this instance and that is what's good about it. I didn't hear our conversation. But what I am glad to find out what. But isn't. She stayed active. That stood out and everybody one's. Heart it cost. You don't think. She then went on CNN. This is the same one the congresswoman Frederica Wilson by the way member of the Congressional Black Caucus she always wears this ridiculous cowboy hat. She's a rabid never trump or by the way this same woman just to show you were. Political bias these are coming from refused to attend trumps inaugural. So she's got an all form from the beginning let's just be clear about that she then jumps on the phone gets on CNN. And says quote. The bat trump has a brain disorder. And he needs to be checked out we should be praising his family not insulting them. Tron then goes on Twitter and says look enough is enough quote. Democrat congresswoman meeting congresswoman Wilson. Totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action and I have the proof. Sat. Now when he says it's proof I assume what he means is the conversation with state. So we'll see if he's gonna release of the recording of that conversation or what he means exactly by proof. Well congressman Wilson. Just listened to her response. Role. So when he says that you totally fabricated. What he said to the wife of the soldier. And he has proof what's your response. While I don't know what kind of trophy could be talking about I'm not the only person that within the car. And down. I have proof to this man of the thick Lee. He's cold hearted and he feels no pity or sympathy for anyone. That says the grieving widow of grieving widow who is six months pregnant. This is a young woman he's only 24 years old she weighs maybe a 110 pounds and she has two other kids. Two years though and six years ago. And when she actually hung up the phone she looked at me and said he didn't even know his learning. The family then ways and not just the widow but her mother apparently she was in the car. The widows and other people that were in the car saying that trump was completely disrespectful. Seoul president trump as this story now gets bigger I mean it's everywhere as this now gets bigger and bigger and bigger. He ID Titus mid issues a statement I believe right Britney. Okay he's asked by reporters. At the Oval Office here is what he now just said a few minutes ago. Roll it. Brown didn't say what that congresswoman says it didn't say at all she doesn't and she now is not saying it I did not say what she said and I'd like to make this statement again because I did not say what she said at a very nice conversation. With the woman with the wife who is sounded like a lovely woman did not say what the congresswoman sit and most people aren't you surprised to hear. Let let her make her statement again and then you'll find him. OK let her make a statement again and then you'll find out. Let me just say this and I want you to give me your reaction and tell me what you think. Even just for the sake of argument okay. Then he said exactly what she claims the congresswoman claims and the family claims that he set. Let's whenever they're all in the car they're grieving or on the way to pick up that we meet the body at the coffin. And I've got to say when you see images of that or wife pregnant. Leaning over on the coffin draped in the American flag crying in agony. He really does break your heart and sergeant led David Johnson is a hero there's no question about he's a great patriot and hero. And the president deserves. To speak to the widow and to everyone the spouses of the fallen with utter respect and compassion. However. Let me just say this for the sake of argument. If what he said it was the fall okay which is what they claim. That hey look I'm very sorry for your loss. The countries lost a great hero a great patriot but you know what you know your husband quote knew what he signed up for. But you know it happens you know when happens it hurts anyway. Now I spoke about this with Grayson spoke about it with Brittany I spoke about it with Jarrett I was thinking about just what everybody. I'm Mike in MI crazier something what you want that. Like what is so disrespectful about them. Now I don't know the home to Poland but if you're just looking at the words itself okay what what is sort disrespectful without. If anything you wanna know the truth. It's kind of sorting. Why. Because let's say you just lost a spouse hey look even die IE out of the bowl. It wasn't some fluke accident he wasn't your shot on the street for no reason. You're trying to say is cents which are trying to say is look it's a terrible thing and he's a hero and he's a patriot but you know home. In other words he knew the risks. He wanted to serve his country. And he was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. And in a sense. There's something console going about not in the sense that look this is the kind of man he was. And that's what he was willing to do for you for America. A fur for everybody. Tim mean I wouldn't find that insulting or disrespectful if anything I find it slightly console and that's the kind of man he is. He signed up for this kind of dangerous deadly job. So let me ask you this question and you tell me if you disagree with me or not it's the corner country poll question of the day. Sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. What were Trump's remarks. To the widow of Sargent. Led David Johnson. We're very insensitive. And disrespectful. If the answer is yes tax the letter eight to 68680. If like we believe really honestly what is so disrespectful about. No text the letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. What do you make of the comments. Where they disrespect full. Or is that congressmen and the media. Just trying to invent another scandal. To humiliate and hurt the president. You're reaction next. On the. Didn't say what that congresswoman she didn't say that all she does and she now. Not saying I did not say what she said. 117. Here on the great WRKO. OK let me ask. You now as you know president trump disputes what was said in that phone call to the car. Which the grieving widow of the slain soldier in the hero. Sergeant led David Johnson but just for the sake of argument. He essentially said something what they say he said which is. You know your husband knew what he signed up for and but when it happens it hurts anyway. What do you think trump meant by that. And do you think it's insulting. In other words if you lost a spouse in the military they ambushed by ice isn't in Niger my jeer as a call it now. And the president called you up and say hey that's what he signed up for that's what she signed up for and but I know what hurts anyway. Would you take that as disrespectful and insulting. Because I'm looking at this and I'm like. I don't see the insult. Dominik in Revere go ahead dom. They are very important part call economic. Our first time caller long time was a welcome welcome burst. Water further Byron Scott Griswold will be. Fallen. Older kids there and what it yes there are being. What I've heard issues there's congresswoman from Britain or Florida. Certain but it it was a unspeakable. Bark but remember what sort of a bit out there are urban well what. I don't bachelor but every ministry earlier there was unspeakable. And she says she can't remember a lot of the five minutes she has said that. Yeah troll is don't want speaker ball. Up and not remember exactly what the president should. But does so that makes sense but it. And as far as what he served I don't wire and guard this respectful but I don't believe the Serb. Told there are being served liquor so it's. Okay Dominique what I know if you look I've honestly I don't believe her I believe him over her. But Dominique just for the sake of argument OK and let's leave out even the slain soldier. You're a police officer or firefighter. And your show water killed in the line of duty. And the mayor the governor the president calls you up. And says you know hey Dominique come. You know I'm really sorry about your wife for your spouse whatever and but you know that's what that she signed up for but you know I know what hurts anyway. Now are you gonna be like all Mike caught. He he's disrespecting. Me he's saying that he asked for a dozen other claiming all he just like all he wanted the ball you sign up for it. And I'm like that's not the way I interpreted MI wrong dominant. Nor did not wrong. And could of the series we're. Loses their debt and credit in the old axiom Aaron. It's just ridiculous. I would arc at burger and so comment. What were they while outwardly what order but. That being carried it. There again. They're trying to destroy this president which I have never seen anything like there's in my life. Like a very wrong with you I'll ever acknowledged men all on every step of the way. All everything I mean literally not thank you for that is it not that I would say maybe in a movie but even in a movie but I'm. Every word every. Release of the sentence. And look Kobe we skip and pushed boarded and manipulate. So they wanna even make a simple. You know condolences. Phone calls. Into this Campbell of the century. So my question to you is this double barrel. Who do you believe. Congresswoman Wilson or president from and what do you think the president meant. If what he said allegedly he says it. Is it genuinely is it insulting would you take it as an insult. 617206668. Sit. The traditional way you look at President Obama and other presidents. Most of them. Didn't make calls a lot of them to make calls I like to call when it's appropriate when I think I'm able to do it. 138 here on the great WR KR OOK. It is now. I think it's the biggest scandal what country I'm not getting it is everywhere. The mainstream media that Democrats. Liberals everywhere excoriating trump. For an alleged. Insensitive remark they say he made in a phone call. To be widow of face the slain special operations soldier. A 104 that were ambushed and killed in Niger air or by crisis. The body in the coffin had brought back to Miami. I sergeant led David Johnson. Apparently the widow his wife movie Shia Johnson was in the car. Her mother was there her and was there as well as congresswoman. Frederica. Wilson. And when I caller the clown and act cowboy Frederico Gil no what I mean she's always in a cowboy hat Mike getting. Rabid never proper. Anyway she claims. The bat from was insensitive. And immensely disrespectful. That in fact he said in the phone call they said everybody in the car heard it that well you who your husband knew what he signed up for. And she says that he's got a brain disorder. That he's cold hearted he lacks empathy but he needs treatment he's a sick man this is not how you treat a widow nevermind a pregnant widow. And now of course CNN MSNBC. The entire media. Are demanding that trump apologize. 61720666868. A lot of Tex coming in this is from 508. Jeff. His comments were insensitive. And inappropriate. 617. Jeff I'm sorry. But he's the president of the United States you just don't tell a widow or anything like that not when she's grieving. This is from. This 781 Jeff. People who hate trump will take it as an insult but those that are reasonable will take it as intended. As canceling. 978. Jeff. I think when your so distraught over the loss of a loved one you almost can't say anything right. You know 97 and I got a you're really onto something and I'm not allow because I wanna respect the family's wishes so I'm not gonna say the name. You will find out all of you within the next couple of days. But we hear on the corner report have lost somebody very close and very dear Alice. Person passed away over the weekend. Out of respect for the family they don't want the information to go public just yet. I was shocked when I found out. I spoke to the grieving wife when it happened couple hours later on Sunday. She's obviously very distraught. She's an utter agony her heart is broken. When you're trying to console somebody. Who's just lost a loved one. A husband in this case. I gotta tell you when you're on the other end of the phone you almost feel. Anything you say is inappropriate. Or not adequate. Literally that's how you feel. If you say he was a great man. He's sort of feel like well what she's. She's grieving. I don't wanna talk about his achievements because she doesn't seem that way she's looking at a father and a husband. Like in other words anything that comes out of your mouth you feel extremely awkward I'm telling you. You feel like you know I'm so sorry is there anything I can do for you I'm just so sorry. And so I know exactly. The position that you your in an a in something like that happens. And so you try to be console and now I can just tell you this okay. When somebody says hey look you know she's crying she sees heart broken hey look you know it's what he signed up for another words. At least he did what he'd love to do. Try to take some consolation out of that. That this is something heat he signed up for and he knew the risks and doesn't that make him even a greater more courageous braver man. So when I first read this I honestly public what is this woman going on about what the yelling and screaming disrespectful for now I don't know that own. I haven't heard the audio yet. Hopefully trump we'll release set. But on the surface I'm like where's cowardice or sensitive or disrespectful. If anything to be honest with you I would find it slightly console and I say well you know mostly what you want both Sargent Johnson my husband. You know we did love being it's you know green beret. And he did love America and you know this is he did what he wanted to do when he felt it was important. Timmy if anything. I find a little comfort in that but you know if you're looking for insults you'll find him anywhere. On Europe next call ahead on. Tip or you'll. I'm good you do good good first time caller I have been welcomed chime in war on but this conversation that you're having. I had this exact conversation. With the mother of the special forces soldiers several years ago. I've met the woman on the true ups working on together and sure showing up on a daily basis what an army eject to Wear special force apps on. Wonder finally app strip out Jack. Should he told this story that you bluster on he wouldn't special forces I killed an Afghan and after only five month. We talked awhile and I don't know how. Much earlier had been that he had been killed in a while our along it is but we talked awhile and I looked at her I'm former special force myself. I I certain repeat time. But they looked out there and I said who are at it. Do you understand that. Anyone who volunteer force special forces. In your own mind has accepted the fact that it has bottomed out. The effective date whenever they go off in May not come back but they do this because it's what they. Want to do what they need to do all this woman dies opened up we sent out a nobody has ever told this before. And the look of not so much relief but. I execute at a better understanding of where what are much of her own on and I'm and it would help. You know Don. And I wanna ask you this I think -- eloquently by the we've which he says he's very eloquent but just to put a kind of a little ball on it. Think Richard which are saying is. It's almost like in her mind you know wasn't senseless. It wasn't just hey why it happened to him he just caught you know whenever in a car accident dropped out of our heart attack whatever it's almost like home. It kind of gives meaning to everything. In my wrong Don. Know exactly the fact that I mean every soldier. Marine. Sailor. Are airports where. In wartime and always the opportunity our trip to date could be in battle. But special forces. There are more it's more often objects more dangerous missions and like that. When the chances are just that much higher so. Again to volunteer to begin its own cheer these. This is not something they force you into everybody's that is in special forces special operation as a volunteer. And I'm eat you've got to accept the track. If you don't then you don't belong there. Don thank you very much for this call and honestly Don thank you for your service god bless you thank you don't be stranger on. Let's go to Carol Europe next go ahead Carol. I kept I'm sorry for the luck that you stationary aisle. Going through right now I just wanted to say that. Thank Carol has got you all know on a couple of days that is wanna respect ams which is our I think honestly I think most of you could probably figure around who it is but. I wanna say no more we're going to turn it. Course and and that last caller I mean how much more can we say than that he's been that he knows about it. I'm but I did wanna say that I I really do agree at this statement about his great great. I can think about and luckily when everything happened in Las Vegas. It apart about first responders they run toward the danger not away from it and we're not comment stupid and we. Know what we're calling the great. And I just think when you say that they knew what they're getting into it by and then I have that he went. And he did pretty exposed to it. I think at this point that's a wonderful thing that he could do that and it has to feel bad for the gambling now. Carol let me ask you this do you think the congresswoman. Is deliberately politicizing this. Yet they do I I don't know that she made about I don't I don't know what kind of words he is but whatever it was she's just trying to makes them and I have a really I do agree with that you know what I. Really didn't like. Obama and it didn't like it's condescending attitude toward everyone and they find that he's not a warm heart and warm and anyway. You really have to think. From what the monster to say something like they're accusing trump and I would even accused Obama that. That if if he was it it was said that he said that I really would not have you have to be a terrible want to say something like. That I Yunel now are Carol thank you for that call that's how they're trying to approach Ramsey you get that's the way stating that distortion. This is the manipulation. They're trying to make it seem okay and it's why trump two people are wanting Weis trump fighting back so hard. The reason is your soul smearing disguise what they're the narrative they want is this he called up a widow when the car. She's five minutes away from greeting the coffin of the body that carries her husband okay the draped coffin. He really signed up for an. But that's how they're trying to make it seem. You know basically called the tournament he called up oh hey. I don't my talking to here I don't know I'm talking to. Whatever your husband I don't always main. Look eight that's what he signed up for okay by basically a blank off. So you're trying to paint him that's why they're running Craig desperate trying to go crazy with this story. As this cold heartless. Evil. Almost social graphic monster. It amok I died. I gotta calm I got a call all the way Osama. Get me off just get me off in thirty seconds okay I'm going dangling thing. In Nam hello hi is this who is this OK here are your husband died. I signed up for okay. Blank you checks in the mail by. That's that's what they're trying to paint. And that's why trump is going not saying this and salon. That's right Rick I look this is crazy spots row. And I believe them. Because I look at her the congress amended the clown but the cowboys Frederica cowboy and I look at her. I go I'm telling you on this one I know why trump is gobbling down. Because he's right and she's wrong he's lying sorry he's telling the truth she's line. Just my opinion John inland go ahead John. I give up first Paula welcome to. Oh currently we're so it is real which he got there and I twenty as the apartment you're one. I what trumps Koppel he's saying the band bit rest and he chose to take any. And. You'll also said that once the rate of any sort Utah. Is take the oath of enlistment ordeal of commission and everything else after that as just part of the job. And then dissident troops without. The man with the rest and she chose to take the cookie love this country. That's a compliment but that the club that got. Old school entry in you can say that somebody. About the don't do that light. And am now. That's the quote you can give. John. You're a 1000% correct. And I was in church a couple of weeks ago and one of the readings I forget exactly how it's phrased but. Right Jesus said I'm never forgotten that's. There is no greater love you can show. Them to lay down your life for another person another man. What your son did by enlisting. Without war. Column boy affectionately. With dot Forman who died live David Johnson. In Niger and brought back. What are boys and girls do is there for filling. That the the truth of what Jesus cents. Which is they want to lay down their life there are willing to lay down their life. For you for me for strangers or friends for family members and there's no greater love you can exhibit that. That's why I always say John they're the best of the best. The bravest of the brave look cram Dele cram. And I want to thank you really honestly from the bottom of my heart. For doing such a great job as a father you should be so proud of your son and please John do me a favor. Let him know that IE and everybody at corner country thank him for his service. Thank you take care John. More next. Now there's fluid way because the fifth. WR KL house it. 157. Here on the great WRKO. OK. If you wanna see what president trump is up against right so we're talking about. Fred a freak out. Will send a debate cowboy woman okay. Look at MacMania so as you know all he voted against the repeal of obamacare dooming it. He now wants the so he's confronted by fox reporter. Peter Doocy. Walpole. Look at Mick maniac. I mean on all lol roll it Brittany. Has your relationship with the president frayed to the point that you are not going to support anything that comes to you and asks would you say something that's stupid. Why would you have something I've done. 'cause my job this United States senator senator from Arizona which just reelected to. Mean that I am somehow going to behave in the way that I have clock everything because some professional disagreement guess Saddam. Question. Well actually. Make shame man that's empirical evidence. Miller this poor guy had struck a raw nerve up. Woo woo woo you know the expression dog does Brooke as the too much. Britney do me a favor doing your part to play out again I thought. Has your relationship with the president for it to the point that you are not going to support anything that comes to you and asks which you say something that's just it. Why would you have something I've done. Cut my job this United States senator. As a senator from Arizona which just reelected to. Mean that I am somehow when you behave in the way that I have clock everything because some professional disagreement that's a dumb question. But not like it's a big question. Okay my friends the hot you kinda ice guys got it it's not a Johnny it's time to retire I mean like yesterday. Okay coming up next. Huge scandal in the big current administration. Court appears to be Charlie fake Kurds and the du pin. Not story Mort your calls. Don't touch that style. Six AB WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston. Needs to look.