John Mooney (FE Show Contributor, DVYE)


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This segment of the financial exchanges brought you by leader bank if you're looking to diversify your portfolio precious metals are a Smart investment golden silver bullion coins are now available at all Peter bank locations. Call 8776917. B 900 or log on to leader bank dot com for more information. Frequent contributor John Moody now joins us for a little bit of stock talked or actually be talking about an exchange traded fund today. John thanks for coming on. Hey thanks a lot jock has ago. Done we're doing well let's talk a little bit about this iShares emerging market dividend ETF the ticker on it is DB YE. What do you like about it. Well you got to talking about you know the high price of the stock stock market and what people can do it you know it's kind of be nervous. I definitely would not recommend switching into emerging market that's kind of like saying you're good don't it addictions and I needed to start taking Toledo's. You don't want to do that but. If you have a diversified portfolio and like a lot of us only eat EM which sort of go to. You emerging markets ETF. What people could look at is trying to may be down shift a little bit on the aggressiveness. Those of you get out like quote fund. One way of kind of reducing your risk is maybe go to our growth and income fund or in this case like most of the have a an emerging markets fund. But emerging market dividend fund which I didn't realize it was a category of this and they are really into it I thought iShares has won. I think. What country has war and end all you find elsewhere is like growth and income. There's no bright pure dividend fund. This is basically looking for you know larger cap boring small growing larger cap. Large companies that are growing slowly get paid big dividends around the world in emerging markets. That's like 4% dividend. It's certainly globally traded. It has a low PP. And it's kind of up our faithful way I think maybe they have picked play a growing area of the world. John what are things I find interesting on this is the expenses on our point 49%. We are actually lower than the EM on that you mentioned earlier which is point seven tussaud's not overly expensive for an emerging markets ET. Very interesting I've got to believe that this is some sort of quiet type index. Where they just simply went to some of the larger how boring dividend players around the world and popped the whole group. Turn your plate it's really well diversified backed. There's several different categories that are all between fourteen and 16% exposure financials utilities information technology Telecom. So it sound like to me like they do purse. Kind of boring way to get intense safer way to get into the fast growing areas of the of the of the world. And you know it pays over 4% what I like is. You know EEM pace around one point 8%. It has an ATP EC giving it looked as you expect a lower dividend for more growth. In this case you didn't probably lower growth giving advice over 4% dividend. That that's appealing. Very good John thank you very much for the title gets over the soon look at. It absolutely John Mooney from right here on financial exchange actually in the ticker on that he TF by the way if you do want to look it up on your own is DUV. Why EU that is the iShares emerging markets dividend ET.