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Sweden drops investigation against Julian Assange

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May 19, 2017 - 7:10 am

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange has been held in the Ecuadorean embassy in London. He has been there since 2012 as a way of taking refuge from Sweden and the charges brought against him. The charges? He was charged by Sweden for the alleged rape of a Sweden woman. Assange fled to the embassy in fear that Sweden was going to turn him over to the United States of America to face prosecution for the thousands of classified documents that is America's largest information leak in history. 

Sweden's Director of Public Prosecutions, Marianne Ny said, "today decided to discontinue the investigation regarding suspected rape (lesser degree) by Julian Assange." She went on to explain the reasoning behind these dropped charges, "at this point, all possibilities to conduct the investigation are exhausted. In order to proceed with the case, Julian Assange would have to be formally notified of the criminal suspicions against him. We cannot expect to receive assistance from Ecuador reguarding this. Therefore the investigation is discontinued...If he, at a later date, makes himself available, I will be able to decide to resume the investigation immediately."

London came out stating that he is still wanted by them. Assange was issued a warrant after not attending a court hearing in June of 2012 where he was required to surrender to the court. Police stated that in the event he leaves the embassy, "The Metropolitan Police Service is obligated to execute that warrant."

Julian Assange was needless to say pleased about Sweden dropping the investigation....

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