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President Trump very close to choosing new FBI Director

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May 19, 2017 - 8:04 am

President Trump has been hard at work, tackling the media, sparring with Comey, and trying to select the new FBI Director. Apparently he is very close to making a decision and we can expect that announcement any day now. Trump is leaving for his 9 day European trip and we can't help but wonder whether he will announce his pick right before he takes off. As of right now a top candidate for the position is former Democratic Senator, Joe Lieberman. He was among 3 others that we rumored to be interviewed for this position. Who are the other candidates? Alice Fisher, who was an assisant attorney general under the George W Bush's Justice Department. Then Republician Rep. Trey Gowdy, who is a former prosecutor and state's attorney in South Caroline. Also in talks is John Cornyn, a Texas Republican who served as the state's attorney general. Although there have been 4 interviewed thus far, it seems as though all but Lieberman have bowed away from the position.

Democratic leader Chuck Schumer made his opinion known regarding the new pick saying, "a career politician or anyone who suggests a lack of impartiality should not be considered." This statement seemed to be a direct shot at Lieberman. On the other hand, former 2008 presidential candidate John McCain said, "he's the greatest man I've ever known."  McCain was not the only man in favor of Lieberman. Senator Lindsey Graham spoke to press about Lieberman saying, "I think he'd be a good choice. But now you have a special counsel, the new FBI Director doesn't have to worry about riding herd over an investigation of the man who appointed him." Fair point right there by the senator. However some are concerned calling Lieberman a "memeber of the swamp", or a "fossil" stating that he's been there too long. They are concerned they need someone new with a fresh perspective, not someone who's been inside the "swamp" for a long time.

Who will be the next FBI Director? We don't know yet but it certainly seems to be pointing towards Lieberman. We will have to wait and see on who President Trump appoints...who do you think would be a good new FBI Director? Who would be your vote?

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