VB The Wise: A Quick Swamp Quiz

Doug 'VB' Goudie
May 19, 2017 - 6:17 am

A quick Swamp quiz...


   So with all the chaos and controversy swirling around D.C. right now, I thought this would be a good time to ask a few simple questions that might help to show where we all stand on this mess.  Hopefully this quiz can provide insights into where we are as a country right now... and the good news is, there are no wrong answers here, everyone gets a trophy! So here goes...


1. Name a tall man who craves the spotlight, constantly causes controversy, and has never publicly admitted he was wrong about anything.

   a. Donald Trump

   b. James Comey

   c. Barack Obama

   d. All of the above


2. Name someone who, while in power, engaged in secretive behavior that their enemies thought was criminal but there friends thought was no big deal.

   a. Donald Trump

   b. Hillary Clinton

   c. Bill Clinton

   d. All of the above


3. Barack Obama has refereed to Donald Trump as a bullsh**ter.  Who does that term accurately describe:

   a. Donald Trump

   b. Barack Obama

   c. The Clintons

   d. All of the above


4. Name a woman who seemingly tries to stay out of the fray while being supportive of a loved one, but every time they wade into the fray they come across as a sanctimonious, holier-than-thou know-it-all who is deeply engaged in what their loved one is doing.

   a. Ivanka Trump

   b. Michelle Obama

   c. All of the above


5. Name a political party that uses Congressional hearings much more for political grandstanding purposes than for fact and truth finding purposes.

   a. Republican Party

   b. Democrat Party

   c. Independent Party (Bernie)

   d. All of the above


So, if you answered "all of the above" to all five of those questions, then the Swamp has absolutely no use for you.  If you answered 'a' for all five questions, the swamp loves you.  And if you answered 'b' or 'c' for all five questions, the swamp thinks you’re a racist and a sexist.  

   More wisdom next week.

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