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Kuhner's Corner: Ann Coulter turns on Trump

Jeff Kuhner
May 17, 2017 - 10:45 am

It is official: Ann Coulter has jumped the shark. Coulter is known as an author, columnist and provocateur. She can add another thing to the list: a Judas.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, Coulter admitted she is on the verge of “jumping ship” when it comes to supporting President Trump. She is worried that the “Trump-haters” may have been right all along.

According to Coulter, Trump’s presidency has been a major disappointment. She blames him for failing to build a wall, repealing Obama’s executive amnesty on the so-called “Dreamers,” and supporting the pork-laden Republican budget. Coulter now openly contemplates whether Trump is nothing more than a conman—a political phony who has no intention of implementing a nationalist agenda. She is beginning to feel betrayed, and now wants to betray him.

This is rich, coming from someone whose recent book is titled, “In Trump We Trust.” During the campaign, she was his biggest booster, turning Trump into a kind of political savior—a messiah—sent to save America. Yet, after putting him on a pedestal, a man who could do and say no wrong, she is now tearing him down. She says his personality is grotesque and his presidency “a disaster.” In other words, Coulter has completely flip-flopped.

Her sudden reversal is more than a mark of treachery. It reveals the dangers of attaching messianic status to political leaders. Human beings are flawed—and by extension, so are politicians. Hence, it is not just naïve and gullible, but puerile to expect purity and perfection from public figures. America’s greatest modern presidents—Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Ronald Reagan—were flawed men, who made numerous mistakes while in office. It’s the very nature of being human.

Coulter, however, has a history of glorifying Republican leaders, such as Chris Christie, Mitt Romney and now Trump, before becoming bitterly disillusioned and venomously attacking them. After a while, it is hard to take her seriously. She is politically promiscuous, and engages in intense journalistic flings with prominent GOP statesmen until they are dumped like a cheap date.

Yet, Coulter is more than simply immature and volatile. For all her complaints about Trump, she is the one who cannot be trusted. Coulter is sharpening the knife to plunge into Trump’s back and he has only been in office for 4 months. He is barely 5 percent into his presidency, and she is already prepared to pronounce him a failure. How about giving Trump a year before ditching him?

As an America-First nationalist, I am also disappointed in some of Trump’s decisions—on the wall, DACA, Syria and the budget. But the president has repeatedly promised that the southern wall will be built by 2020 and that he will slash government spending in next year’s budget. Fine. Give him a chance. The reason is obvious: No other president—including Richard Nixon—has faced such ferocious, entrenched opposition. Trump confronts a hostile media, federal bureaucracy, the deep state, a Democratic Party and a Republican establishment hell bent on breaking his presidency. They are engaged in a slow-motion coup. Their goal is to overturn the results of the November election and drive him from power. He is being sabotaged at every turn—including a flood of leaks from within his own inner circle. The fact that Trump is still standing is remarkable.   

Even more remarkable is that, despite being under siege, he has managed to compile an impressive record: The economy is booming; job-killing Obama regulations have been rolled back; Neil Gorsuch was confirmed to the Supreme Court; countless conservatives are being appointed to the judiciary; illegal immigration has declined by over 70 percent at the Mexican border; our military is being rebuilt; ISIS has been smashed in Afghanistan; NAFTA is being renegotiated; the Trans-Pacific Partnership has been swept away; North Korea is finally being confronted; and Obamacare is on its way to being repealed and replaced. If Trump does nothing else, he still would be infinitely better than Hillary Clinton.

That Coulter can’t—or won’t—acknowledge this seminal reality reveals that, at her core, she is a charlatan and a fraud. Trump is better off without her. She cuts and runs at the first sign of trouble. She is useless in a foxhole. So, let her run to Bill Maher and whine about Trump’s “betrayal.” She is the only real turncoat.               

-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of the “Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston.

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