WRKO's Jeff Kuhner and Representative O'Connell join forces to file Child Sexual Predator Prevention Act

BOSTON, MA (December 12, 2012) – AM 680 WRKO’s Jeff Kuhner, host of The Kuhner Report, announced today that he and State Representative Shaunna O’Connell have joined forces to create a new legislative package called the Child Sexual Predator Prevention Act (Listen to the announcement). The bills will mandate a minimum 25 year sentence for the first offense of raping a child, a 40 year sentence for the second offense and a life sentence for the third conviction. Moreover, all level 2 predators will be required to have their information posted online and will be available so the public has access.

Moments after John Burbine was arrested for more than 100 charges of alleged rape and sexual assault of 13 young children, WRKO’s Jeff Kuhner decided to take action. He tapped State Representative Shaunna O’Connell, 3rd Bristol House District, to help file legislation that will send a strong message that the Commonwealth has no tolerance for child sexual predators. Currently, there is no mandatory sentence for first offense rape of a child. Mandatory sentences only apply to aggravated rape of a child, but assaults such as the ones allegedly committed by Burbine would not be categorized as aggravated.

In his live broadcast on WRKO’s The Kuhner Report this morning, Jeff Kuhner outwardly challenged Governor Deval Patrick, Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo and Senate President Therese Murray for their support of this legislation, stating: “You say your care for the children. How dare you not support a bill that will send a child rapist and molester convicted for 25 years to prison? Now, either you stand with the victims, you stand with the children, or you stand with the pedophiles and the children rapists.”

Kuhner and WRKO will launch a petition on WRKO.com today, where they ask constituents to put pressure on Beacon Hill by signing in support of the Child Predator Prevention Act.

Representative O’Connell adds: “As a mother, I want to do everything in my power to send a loud message that the Commonwealth has no tolerance for child sexual predators. Any act against a child will be will result in stiff mandatory sentences. We need to do all we can protect innocent children.”

Representative O’Connell has been a long-time advocate for stronger penalties for child predators. She first got involved in politics working to pass Jessica’s law.