Tom and Todd's Toll Free Contest

WRKO is going to take care of your Tolls for a Year!

Are you tired of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts hiking up the tolls on you? Does your wallet hurt on your commute to and from work every day?  Well Tom and Todd have your chance to become toll free for a year!* All you have to do is listen to Finneran's Forum every weekday morning from July 20 to August 7 at 7:30am for Tom and Todd's Toll Free Keyword of the Day. Once you hear the keyword, come back to and enter the keyword in the form below for your chance to win free tolls for up to one year! Brought to you by Easy Choice Exteriors and Finneran's Forum on Boston's Talk Station, AM 680 WRKO.

Hear Tom and Todd's take on many tolls issues including:
-Toll workers get free toll transponders and free tolls?!
-Everybody get your transponders for the Pike!
-Attorney Jan Schlichtmann chats with TNT on the new Transportation Bill
-Tom and Todd talk to the Boston Herald's Mary Connaughton about toll hikes

Read some of the latest news stories about the tolls:
-Judge: Pike toll suit may have merit
-Pike toll suit adds $100M to its case
-A transportation standoff
-Turnpike Authority defends using toll money to pay off debt

WRKO General Contest Rules apply.

*Tolls will be paid utilizing a Massachusetts Turnpike E-Z Pass in increments of no more than $100.00 per month or $1200.00 for the year beginning 9/1/09 and ending on 8/31/10.