09/17/12 04:28 am

Hume: Failure of Obamaness

Brit Hume says the Mideast mess is a sign of the president's inexperience. ...
09/13/12 07:05 am

Here's the Clip

This is a 14 minute clip - from what is supposed to be a 2 hour movie - alleged ...
05/10/11 09:37 am

Media Doesn't Mention Allahu Akbar in Air Incident

There's something the media left out in coverage of a Yemeni man who attemp...
04/02/11 03:42 am

War Loving Ed Schultz Confronted By Anti-War Writer

It's great to hear the antiwar left tear into people like Ed Schultz, liber...
06/27/10 02:23 pm

Disrupt & Dismantle

How do we disrupt and dismantle al Qaeda in Afghanistan if they're not ther...
12/29/09 07:11 pm

Terrorfying Mistakes

Barack has set himself up for electoral trouble by following the liberal approac...
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