08/02/12 06:59 am

Chik-Fil-A Burlington

Here's a Chik-fil-a video sent by WRKO listener Robert.
03/01/12 06:08 pm

Breitbart I Will Miss

It's odd - we started the show off Thursday morning talking about the death...
12/20/11 06:09 pm

Tom: Consistently Full of S**t!

It's Tom & Todd's Face-Off.  
05/18/11 01:41 pm

Face Off!

The new edition of the amazing Tom & Todd Face-Off is out of the WRKO ed...
05/12/11 12:52 pm

This Week's Face Off

This week's Face Off.
05/04/11 03:03 pm

Ground Zero - Reaction to bin Laden Death

Tom & Todd producer Cooksey hopped in the car after the show Monday and ...
04/26/11 08:58 pm

Introducing the President's New Bomb Throwing Preacher

For Easter, President Obama took the family to hear Pastor Wallace Charles Smith...
04/13/11 07:28 am

The Continuing Saga Of Scott Brown's Child Molester Cover-Up (Updated)

The Scott Brown childhood sexual molestation story continues to evolve on a ne...
02/23/11 06:57 pm

Hate Speech From Compassionate Capuano

Radical Congressman Mike Capuano didn't mind playing the Democrat's ho...
10/01/10 08:00 pm

Join Me

NOTE - Newer posts appear below this notice Join me in Beverly Saturday from 4:...
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