04/10/12 04:06 am

Rev Wright's Great Sense of Timing

It's always a pleasure to hear from Reverend Wright, another radical who wa...
05/11/11 08:06 pm

White House Falls into Common Trap

The White House put itself into a box - Block the hateful race baiting rapper Co...
04/26/11 08:58 pm

Introducing the President's New Bomb Throwing Preacher

For Easter, President Obama took the family to hear Pastor Wallace Charles Smith...
03/18/11 09:47 am

Rev Wright Still Haunts President

Reverend Wright returns. As Wright spoke, across the street from the church a s...
09/04/09 06:55 am

Not Getting It

The Obama folk don't seem to grasp what's happening. The Messiah rules...
07/23/09 09:34 pm

Racially Motivated

The underpinnings of the Democrats' demise are being arranged more quickly ...
04/08/09 08:25 pm

Do You Remember?

Do you remember Barack Obama, the guy who was offended by the notion of wearing ...
02/03/09 05:01 pm

Sign of the Times

Further proof that reading the New York Times is a mistake. The President says ...
01/30/09 12:14 pm

Right to Hell

Bill Ayers is unhappy with the way the anti-war movement is going. More than thr...
01/10/09 12:31 am

Another One

Just another Dirty Democrat. Baltimore Mayor Sheila A.
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