03/16/12 04:31 am

Palin: Breitbart is Here

You have no right to lecture us on civility, you have no right to lecture us on ...
02/11/12 07:07 am

Scott Walker at CPAC

Spend a little time getting to know Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, who spoke a...
08/10/11 04:32 am

GOP Holds Wisconsin, MSNBC Holds Pep Rally

Despite all the emotion, all the focus, and all the funds, Democrats failed to w...
07/26/11 07:26 am

Weekly Wacky News Wrap-Up (July 18 - July 25, 2011)

  Just a few newsworthy items (and comments thereon) that have been m...
06/15/11 02:03 am

Hidden Cam Catches Not So Loving Dem

Wisconsin Democrat on tape saying he'd like to smack voter around. &nbs...
04/27/11 07:36 am

The Dream is Over: Mass Dems Vote Against Collective Bargaining

Guess who hates the middle class now. House lawmakers voted overwhelmingly last ...
04/21/11 03:41 pm

Death Threats Collected Against Wisconsin GOP

Life is tough for the GOP in the land of love & compassion.
04/21/11 05:03 am

Irrational: Krauthammer Explains Liberal Rage

What has the love & compassion people feeling so hateful? This is sheer ...
04/16/11 09:53 pm

Breitbart & Palin in Madison

Palin kicks butt in Madison. Funny, people go to rallies even when they're ...
04/07/11 08:20 pm

Wisconsin Vote Fix Gives Prosser Comfortable Lead

The Wisconsin supreme court election, which had the Lefty unseating a longtime i...
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