05/02/11 04:55 pm

The View Declares Obama Reelected

It certainly is a stature enhancer for the president as America learns details o...
04/28/11 09:09 am

Whoopi Calls Trump Racist, but Defended Mel

Liberals are obsessed with race, so The View is as well. I have been raised to t...
02/22/11 05:10 am

The View is Inspiring From Scott's Altitude

Whoopi mentions Ted Kennedy while asking Scott a question about what he tells pe...
02/15/11 09:56 am

Racist New York Times Forgets Whoopi

Whoopi Goldberg is upset that the paper of record got it wrong on Sunday when th...
11/23/10 09:43 pm

Whoopi Gets Dopey on the Factor

Whoopi, a guest on O'Reilly, insists that all terrorists are created equal....
11/16/10 05:33 am


The unique stupidity of Whoopi Liberalism is restated on Oprah.
11/11/10 07:54 pm

Palin Bashing From Joe and the View

Joe Scarborough and the gals on The View can't wait to blame Sarah Palin fo...
10/14/10 03:10 pm

Obstructed View

Working hard to make themselves into Jerry Springer, two of the clowns on The Vi...
07/30/10 05:52 am

Mongrel Prez

The View asks Obama why he's a Black man instead of mixed race.
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