12/14/10 05:02 pm

Merry Christmas From the New Jersey Teachers Union

An amusing new video on the New Jersey Education Association from Jim O'Kee...
10/30/10 06:21 am

Fiorina At Boxer's Heals in California

You see what a challenge this year is for pollsters... it's hard to know wh...
10/08/10 05:30 am

Historic Moment

Funny, you'd think Jerry Brown would be hoping that he gets beat by Meg Whi...
06/09/10 06:42 am

Victory Angle

A Tea Party candidate says  she wants to eliminate the Department of Education ...
03/31/10 09:11 am

Liberal Cliff

Meg Whitman, former Ebay CEO, is running for Governor of California as a Republi...
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