04/21/10 05:20 pm

Fighting Friends

Is California Congressman Jane Harman a confused Democrat?
08/17/09 06:00 pm

Crying 'R'

Home is where the heart is.
08/13/09 05:20 pm

Summer of 42

New lows are being achieved daily for ObamaCare. Public support for the health c...
08/13/09 09:28 am

Cowardman Tierney

We had an inspired, and large, crowd turn out today for the protest of the Congr...
08/11/09 09:53 pm

The Mouth at the Port

The President was in Portsmouth, NH Tuesday - in full campaign mode, trying to k...
08/10/09 07:03 am

How Dare They!

Senator Tom Harkin has a difficult town meeting. The New York Times, meanwhile,...
08/09/09 12:47 pm

With, Or Against

When liberals argue in support of their health care proposal, they fall back reg...
06/26/09 10:34 am

Crap & Trade

The unions are on the wrong side again - worried about their own best interest, ...
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