04/04/12 06:51 pm

Scarborough: Pennsylvania Santorum's Waterloo

How brutal is the fight for power at the presidential level? Joe Scarborough lay...
08/15/11 05:00 pm

Perry Makes Freedom Tingle

As a man who was raised on a farm, Rick Perry makes a powerful appeal to Iowa vo...
06/30/11 07:41 am

Michele Bachmann Is Unquestionably An Idiot!

06/29/11 07:31 am

WackyBachmann Out-Crazies Failin' Palin And Announces Presidential Run

Bachmann and Bat-Boy Separated at Birth
06/27/11 04:29 pm

Michele Bachmann: Gotta Be Perfect

The media is determined to join Democrats in destroying Michele Bachmann by bran...
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