wasserman schultz

03/04/12 11:13 am

Dems Push 'War on Women'

How is pander politics working for the Democrats? Well, Debbie Wasserman Schultz...
10/11/11 07:05 pm

Wasserman Schultz: Dems Believe People are People

Is there really another Democrat as insipid as Nancy Pelosi? Check out DNC chair...
08/15/11 05:19 am

West For Senate?

There's talk of Allen West joining the race for the US Senate held...
07/22/11 06:14 am

Vile Left in Full Victim Mode

The professional victims of the left have been well-trained. When opportunity kn...
07/21/11 02:06 am

Left Gets Tingle Over Allen West Email

Are codes of conduct so important to Army Vet and freshman Congressman Allen Wes...
06/12/11 07:50 am

Breitbart Says More Weiner Revelations to Come

As Anthony Weiner goes off to rehab in order to hide from attempts to pressure h...
06/11/11 09:56 pm

The Ultimate Weiner: Anthony Does Rehab

Now he's playing the treatment card.
06/10/11 03:40 pm

Rocky Start no Surprise for New DNC Chair

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was an odd choice for head of the Democratic National C...
05/31/11 05:09 am

DNC Chair: Should Illegals be Arrested?

The most annoying Democrat just might be Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. That may be w...
02/19/11 05:35 pm

Is Using the Term ObamaCare an Ethics Violation?

Freshman Congressman Tom Graves, speaking in support of an amendment to defund O...
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