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07/10/12 05:08 am

Harold Ford: Obama Approach Doesn't Work

In response to more bad economic news, the president is back to distracting vote...
02/22/12 06:24 pm

Jack Welch - I Don't Feel Undertaxed

"I don't feel undertaxed," says former GE CEO Jack Welch ...
11/24/11 08:23 am

Michael Moore: World's Biggest Turkey

The Top Five Political Turkeys of 2011.
09/20/11 02:33 pm

Obama Lies Again: Rich Do Pay at a Higher Rate

The idea of the Buffett Rule is very exciting, isn't it? Let's get tho...
08/26/11 09:51 am

What Warren Buffet is Doing

Laura Ingraham and O'Reilly discuss Warren Buffet's investment in Bank...
07/18/11 07:23 pm

Hey Obama: Leave Our Jets Alone

Warren Buffet is a rich guy who likes the idea of higher taxes for people like h...
07/08/11 09:34 pm

Buffet: I Could End Deficit in 5 Minutes

Warren Buffet has a simple plan to cut overspending in Washington. Don't pa...
11/28/10 07:11 pm

Why Doesn't Buffet Shut-up About Higher Taxes?

Warren Buffet is going to give away $50 Billion... and Bill Gates is going to gi...
06/28/09 02:32 pm

Man in the Middle

In the middle of a deep recession, why would you deliberately institute a huge i...
03/25/09 06:38 pm

Mitt Check

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has an op-ed piece in the Washington T...
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