09/02/11 05:12 am

Decade of Disaster: Left Still Against Iraq War

Anti-war writer Michael Hirsh has a new hit piece on the Iraq war in the Nationa...
06/17/11 09:05 am

Capuano Gets it Right on War Declaration

Mike Capuano, leftist congressman from Somerville, part of a group who are filin...
04/16/11 03:08 pm

Prez: Afghanistan Drawdowns to be Significant in July

The president makes news in an interview with AP, saying that the troop withdraw...
08/22/10 08:48 pm

Are we close to a Roman Style Collapse

Some interesting points,  take it for what it's worth. http://fina...
08/20/10 07:08 pm

A President with class and character

President George W. Bush welcomed home the troops from Iraq earlier this week.&a...
05/23/09 07:53 am

Bag for Obama

Most of the liberal/radical power structure of America is in the bag for Obama -...
02/25/09 12:22 pm

Half of What

I've been meaning to mention.
01/24/09 08:06 pm

Wacko Wing

Priorities. Barack's got 'em. U.S. President Barack Obama reversed a b...
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