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10/22/12 04:42 am

What Gender Gap?

The new poll from NBC News has some nice nuggets, much juicer than showing the r...
09/13/12 04:38 am

Peggy Noonan: Romney Not Doing Himself Any Favors

Peggy Noonan was gentle, but clear, in her critique of Mitt's hot response ...
06/06/11 02:05 am

Strassel: Uncertainty is Killing This Economy

Capital is on strike, says Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal. She goe...
02/28/11 02:11 pm

Bad News for Supporters of Collective Bargaining

Here's the story! By ROBERT M. COSTRELL
01/23/11 03:41 am

Stockman, Maddow & Moore Debate Reaganomics

Here's a shocker. A moment on the Bill Maher Show has occurred that's ...
08/13/10 04:42 am

Other is Best

Wall Street hates Barack Obama says Jim Cramer, while NBC political director Chu...
07/23/10 08:26 pm

Racist Webb

Is Virginia Senator Jim Webb a racist. Nope. Can't be. He's a Democrat...
05/03/10 06:46 am

Huffing & Puffing

Now you can skip the long afternoon in the hot sun on a wobbly folding seat and ...
11/18/08 08:57 am

Pajama Power

While capitalism is clearly the only realistic system for running an economy, it...
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