07/18/12 02:24 pm

W: I Don't Want to be Powerful

George W. sure looks appealing, doesn't he?
04/10/12 04:12 pm

Bush: I Won't Undermine the President

George W. Bush spoke at a seminar in New York, and he sounds remarkably appealin...
08/09/11 09:29 am

O'Reilly Does Expose on Phony Liberal Arguments

O'Reilly did an extended Talking Points Memo last night to lay into Obama, ...
06/14/10 03:45 pm

Yes He Did

What, you didn't know that "Hope & Change" was code for c...
05/11/10 09:53 am

Imagine W.

George W. explores his inner socialist.
02/10/10 11:31 pm

She Does

A few weeks ago, Martha Coakley didn't want to be Attorney General anymore.
11/25/09 02:20 pm

Khalid Sheikh is Coming to Town

I'm still trying to figure out what's up with the Obama Administration...
05/23/09 07:53 am

Bag for Obama

Most of the liberal/radical power structure of America is in the bag for Obama -...
01/17/09 10:03 am

Blackberry Buddy

Some conservatives fear that Barack isn't tough enough for the Commander in...
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