10/15/12 08:05 pm

Bay Buchanan - Biden Debate Hurt Ticket

The vice president hurt the Obama ticket with women argues Bay Buchanan, who say...
08/07/12 03:00 pm

General Petraeus for VP?

Here's a rumor that sounds real - just cause it would be such a surprise, a...
06/10/12 07:35 pm

Ann Coulter: No to VP Offer

Ann Coulter and Van Jones bonded on This Week Sunday. It was moments like this t...
05/11/12 02:04 am

VP: Decision Not Made for Mitt

Speculation over Mitt's VP choice isn't over with Ohio Senator Rob Por...
04/22/12 04:33 pm

Rubio Gets Tense Over Vice Presidency

Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush seem to be throwing the vice presidency at each other l...
04/09/12 03:42 pm

Herman Cain Wants Allen West

Herman Cain says Allen West is well-spoken. Is that racist?
03/08/12 01:40 pm

Mitt Not Going West for VP

Allen West likes two guys from Florida as choices for Mitt's running mate. ...
01/18/12 02:41 pm

Governor Christie Doesn't Like Funerals

Chris Christie is asked about being VP for Mitt on Morning Joe and he responds b...
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