05/29/12 03:45 pm

Cardinal Wuerl Goes Pro-Choice

Mitt Romney made a pitch for saving millions of American children from the punis...
01/31/12 04:53 am

Union Chief Says Parents Have no Clue

Bobby Jindal complains about a teachers union leader who argued against expansio...
05/09/11 06:08 pm

Mitch Daniels Passes Vouchers in Indiana

While Democrats fight to maintain policies designed to keep urban America in per...
11/22/10 08:40 pm

Chicago Minorities Protest Hateful Democratic Ed Policies

Is urban America starting to realize how minorities are being held in bondage by...
05/13/09 09:25 pm

Poverty Party

When will the nation realize that Democrats are in the poverty business?
04/11/09 11:39 pm

Democratic Education

Barack Obama is yet another Democrat who sells education short in order to satis...
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