voter id

10/24/12 04:00 pm

Congressman's Son in O'Keefe Fraud Sting

The campaign field coordinator for Virginia congressman Jim Moran - his son, Pat...
09/07/12 02:15 pm

Congressman Equates Voter ID with Voter Suppression

Congressman John Lewis lived through the violence of the civil rights movement o...
08/04/12 08:44 pm

Charles: Voter ID Fight 'Nakedly Political'

Why are Democrats so determined to fight common sense election security? Charles...
06/26/12 06:36 pm

GOP Rep Admits Dems Fix Elections

Chris Matthews thinks he's hearing an incredible slip of the tongue confess...
06/25/12 04:36 am

Dems: Fast & Furious Investigation Racist

Evidence that the Obama administration really has something to fear in a Fast &a...
05/18/12 01:59 am

Rep Lewis: GOP Taking Away Right to Vote

"It's sad," says Rep John Lewis, how the right to vote is...
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