10/19/12 01:43 am

Chicago: Compassion in Action

ABC News shows how compassionate the left is when it gets its way on policy. The...
11/05/11 03:28 am

Oakland Mayor Praises Occupiers

The day after Occupy riots in Oakland, Mayor Jean Quan praises "The 99%...
10/16/11 07:42 am

Occupy Movement Gets Violent

Why does Lester Holt, reporting on the violent anti-bad economy protests in Euro...
02/03/11 02:31 am

Mubarak Shifts to Violence to Hold Power

An explanation of the shift to violence in Egypt from the NY Times. The deployme...
01/09/11 11:16 am

Vitriol: Two to Tango

Here's another lefty pretending they're the victims of heated politics...
07/06/10 09:08 pm

Wrong Angle

Sharron Angle's doing her best to position Harry Reid for an unwarranted vi...
06/29/10 06:52 am

Oh, Canada

Protesters who sit down on the street in front of Toronto riot police seem to ha...
03/25/10 02:02 pm

Liberal Haters

We're hearing all sorts of news about attacks on Democrats and Democratic l...
10/03/09 02:59 pm

Tacit Nudging

Jeneane Garofalo is at it again. Which racist publication portrayed the Presid...
07/19/09 09:19 am

Ruby Red

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