07/23/10 01:12 pm

Race Exists

How far along is Shirley Sherrod, really, in her migration from racist to humani...
07/23/10 03:49 am

Sorry Accusations

Shirley Sherrod got her call from the president, but still believes that her ous...
07/22/10 04:55 pm

Heroes & Villains

Are the right people being blamed in the Shirley Sherrod caper? Fox News is faci...
07/22/10 12:17 pm

World Tour

The Shirley Sherrod World Tour continues, with the fired USDA sometime racist vi...
07/20/10 03:28 pm

Beyond Civil War

Forced to resign from the USDA yesterday after a tape surfaced of her describing...
07/19/10 06:27 pm

Full Force

The irony of the attacks by the NAACP and other Democratic socialists on the Tea...
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