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02/15/11 09:56 am

Racist New York Times Forgets Whoopi

Whoopi Goldberg is upset that the paper of record got it wrong on Sunday when th...
12/13/10 09:48 pm

Boehner Shows Too Much Empathy for Left

Liberals on The View, with Barbara Walters taking the lead, mock John Boehner fo...
12/10/10 10:09 am

O'Reilly's View on The View on Letterman

O'Reilly on Letterman, explaining how excited he was when Joy and Whoopi wa...
11/11/10 07:54 pm

Palin Bashing From Joe and the View

Joe Scarborough and the gals on The View can't wait to blame Sarah Palin fo...
11/04/10 05:06 am

The View Panics Again When Told the Truth

Rudy Guiliani defends the idea of Sarah Palin running for president, and reminds...
10/27/10 07:33 pm

Sharron Sends Flowers of Joy

Sharron Angle was so pleased with Joy Behar's hateful rant on The View that...
10/16/10 03:47 pm

Moderate Voice

O'Reilly made good use of the buzz he created on The View Thursday, explori...
10/15/10 04:16 pm

Jesse's View

Joy Behar says that Bill O'Reilly was engaged in hate speech when he said t...
10/14/10 03:10 pm

Obstructed View

Working hard to make themselves into Jerry Springer, two of the clowns on The Vi...
10/13/10 05:51 pm

Lacking Joy

In case you need a reminder about why you don't watch Joy Behar.
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