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10/01/12 12:49 pm

Obama: The Eye Candy President

In an ad reminiscent of the John McCain attacks on Senator Obama's celebrit...
05/15/12 05:10 am

Prez Talks Gay Marriage on The View

The prez will be on The View today. You know, part of it was just knowing friend...
04/27/12 08:22 am

Hasselbeck: Romney not Like John Edwards

Elizabeth Hasselbeck does a nice job sticking up for Romney when Joy Behar tries...
05/27/11 09:48 am

The View From the Lost Feminists

Barbara Walters is oft lauded for paving the way in television news as a woman. ...
05/24/11 04:52 pm

Biographer Says Palin Not Dumb

Former aide Frank Bailey says that Sarah Palin's failure during the Katie C...
05/05/11 12:18 pm

What is Walters Smoking?

Who, exactly, is Barbara Walters sleeping with.  
05/02/11 04:55 pm

The View Declares Obama Reelected

It certainly is a stature enhancer for the president as America learns details o...
04/28/11 09:09 am

Whoopi Calls Trump Racist, but Defended Mel

Liberals are obsessed with race, so The View is as well. I have been raised to t...
02/22/11 05:10 am

The View is Inspiring From Scott's Altitude

Whoopi mentions Ted Kennedy while asking Scott a question about what he tells pe...
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