07/19/12 08:03 am

Ron Paul: No More War

Ron Paul argues against funding the 'very long war' in Afghanistan. I ...
04/17/11 04:40 pm

Obama Friend Calls McCain War Criminal

The idea that Bill Ayers, American Terrorist, would compare himself as favorably...
08/12/10 05:02 am

Linda's Juice

Can you watch Linda McMahon's ad without thinking about steroid filled bodi...
06/26/10 07:53 am

Juiced Campaign

WWE honcho Linda McMahon is introducing herself to Connecticut voters with a new...
05/20/10 06:51 am

Lying Weasel

Fred Thompson is the first political person I've heard tell it like it is a...
05/18/10 06:46 am

Toys for Pols

When Chris Dodd announced he wouldn't seek another term in the Senate, Demo...
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