10/10/12 04:46 am

Obama: Two Paths

Anti-Obama vid. You like?
10/03/12 04:36 am

Tucker & Sean Discuss Obama Race Speech

Sean Hannity breaks down the Obama speech with Tucker Carlson, whose Daily Calle...
09/18/12 04:16 am

Mitt Shines Light on Democrat Scam

For some reason, candidates haven't heard about cell phone video cameras. B...
05/17/12 01:58 am

Obama: Expensive Homemade Video

Check out the production values on this little bit of video propaganda. They spe...
03/17/12 06:58 am

Video: Obama's Inconvenient Spin

The Obama reelection video - from the guy who brought you Al Gore and his Inconv...
11/14/11 04:23 am

Keep Goen Goen with Steve Cohen

Further proof that politicians will do anything for power.
10/20/10 04:54 am

Barack & Michelle, Video Stars

They're right about one thing... we are fired up, ready to go!
11/17/09 12:29 pm

Cracking Nuts

Another tape is out demonstrating the educational services of ACORN in action. T...
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