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03/21/12 03:31 pm

White House Keeps Going Hollywood

Just a few days after Cee-Lo Green performs "Fuck You&quot...
02/07/12 04:35 am

VP: Blame High Ed Costs on Government

Joe Biden admits that the government has driven up the cost of higher education ...
10/22/11 04:24 am

Hot Blond Disses Biden for 4th Grade Visit

Fox News has an incredible formula - combine underrepresented mainstream politic...
08/24/11 09:16 am

Biden Bungles, Krauthammer Klarifies

The vice president tells the Chinese that he has no problem with their one child...
10/15/10 10:33 pm

Bad Call

At first, I thought that when the president said selecting Joe Biden was the bes...
08/06/10 02:55 am

Campaign Kids

Ben Quayle, the son of former VP Dan Quayle, who is running for Congress in Ariz...
06/26/10 09:51 pm

Joe Being Joe

Watch the nice, clean media report of Joe Biden's visit to Kopp's Froz...
06/01/10 05:21 pm

The Kiss

It's a tough day for Democrats and their women.
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