universal health care

06/19/09 04:32 pm

Declare the Pennies

Here are some of the new taxes being planned by the socialists in order to pay f...
06/08/09 11:35 am

Universal Life Care

They call it a safety net, which implies that when an occasional productive pers...
05/27/09 07:20 pm

Value Subtracted

In Barack Obama's budget proposal, last year's highest deficit in hist...
03/07/09 09:51 am

Mindless Mantra

02/25/09 12:22 pm

Half of What

I've been meaning to mention.
02/25/09 06:06 am

State of the Meltdown

I've gotten too old, I suppose, to take this seriously.
11/26/08 02:57 pm

Tear Down That Wall

The thinking of Junior. President Barack Obama will soon have to make a judgment...
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