06/28/12 04:01 pm

Court Boosts Mitt For President

Don't be depressed over the defeat of constitutional government that was in...
06/28/12 03:32 pm

Speed Kills: Fox News Gets ObamaCare Ruling Wrong

In it's rush to be first with the results from the Supreme Court on the Oba...
04/04/12 07:53 am

Obama Softens Attack on Court

On Monday, the president told the Supreme Court that it had no business consider...
04/04/12 01:26 am

Obama's Court Attack? Bizarre!

Jonah Goldberg and Tucker Carlson riff on how ridiculous they find the president...
02/01/11 04:53 am

Judge Uses Obama's Words Against Him

One of the exciting parts of Judge Vinson's ruling was that he used the pre...
01/31/11 07:52 pm

Lost in Egypt - ObamaCare Ruled Unconstitutional

The biggest story in America Monday was, of course, the ruling in federal court ...
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