01/19/11 07:04 pm

Dems Change Tone with Goebbels, Nazis

It's so exciting, the new, gentler tone that Democrats are setting in Washi...
01/19/11 01:44 pm

Dr. Laura Defends Self, and Palin

Dr. Laura says Palin freaks out the left because she has balls.   Watch...
01/15/11 10:48 am

Jared Loughner: This is Genocide in America

The shooter takes us on a tour of his school, and, sadly, his mind. Tucson shoot...
01/13/11 03:42 pm

Brokaw Scared of the Wrong Places

Would you be afraid to go to a bar in Arizona? Tom Brokaw says he'd be scar...
01/12/11 04:51 pm

Bill Maher Targets Gun Owners with Leno

The Tonight Show crowd is reluctant in its response to Bill Maher's Tucson ...
01/09/11 11:16 am

Vitriol: Two to Tango

Here's another lefty pretending they're the victims of heated politics...
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