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10/03/12 04:36 am

Tucker & Sean Discuss Obama Race Speech

Sean Hannity breaks down the Obama speech with Tucker Carlson, whose Daily Calle...
10/03/12 04:30 am

Hidden Obama Race Remarks Released

This Obama speech from 2007 was covered at the time, but, remarkably, these expl...
05/16/12 02:01 am

Krauthammer's with Markey: Drones are Dangerous

Ed Markey is worried that the domestic use of drones will lead to a privacy tsun...
04/27/12 08:51 am

Tucker: Who Would Hire Someone Like This

Tucker Carlson on the anti-energy rant from EPA administrator Al Amrendariz. It&...
04/26/12 07:56 pm

Again: Obama Attacked as Celebrity President

 A great ad from American Crossroads attacks Obama for being a celebrit...
04/04/12 01:26 am

Obama's Court Attack? Bizarre!

Jonah Goldberg and Tucker Carlson riff on how ridiculous they find the president...
03/13/12 02:01 am

Bill Ayers Compliments Andrew Breitbart

Considering Bill Ayers, political partner of the president's, was a real li...
07/14/11 01:49 am

Tucker Carlson: News Corp Outrage Political

Tucker Carlson explains that the energy behind the Tabloid scandal in England is...
07/13/11 08:48 am

A Wednesday List To Ponder

12/29/10 03:31 pm

Tucker Wants Capital Punishment

Tucker Carlson, the clever man that he is, has kept the outrage bubbling over Pr...
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