03/07/12 01:41 pm

Do Airport Body Scanners Work?

Video demo: The old metal detectors are better than the new, invasive, body-scan...
02/16/12 05:20 am

TSA - Take a Look at Her!

Some travelers think that TSA agents are subjecting attractive women to extra se...
01/23/12 01:46 pm

US Senator Blocked From Flight

Rand Paul (R-KY) missed his flight to Washington today after refusing a TSA patd...
01/04/11 08:05 am

Who is Touching Brian Williams' Junk?

Brian Williams discusses his intimate relationship with TSA agents on Letterman....
12/25/10 06:06 am

Crackdown: Pilot Showed Security Flaws at Airport

Is it just security theater? The feds are cracking down on a pilot who has poste...
12/01/10 08:25 pm

I'll be Groped for Christmas

A not so satirical look at the 2010 Christmas travel season. Roxi Copland said ...
11/24/10 06:05 am

O'Reilly - Scanning For Laughs

Alan Colmes gets the worst of a one liner battle with O'Reilly.
11/23/10 04:50 am

What About a Friendly Fliers Program?

One of the forgotten concepts of improving air security is a "trusted trave...
11/22/10 04:56 am

Pistole Softens Stance on Screenings

Hard line signals from the Obama administration softened yesterday on the Extrem...
11/21/10 04:39 pm

Don't Touch Hillary's Privates

Hillary suggests there may be a miscalculation in the current, invasive, screeni...
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