04/11/11 05:21 am

Plouffe Dumps on Trump, Wants Him to do Well

The guy who runs the country - Obama campaign manager David Plouffe - scoffs at ...
04/08/11 07:35 am

Chris Matthews Goes Off on Trump

Chris Matthews expresses outrage over Donald Trump's focus on the president...
04/08/11 05:01 am

Bill Cosby not so excited about Trump candidacy

You'd think a great comedian would see the humor.
04/07/11 01:55 pm

Donald Trump Scares and Helps Mitt Romney

Normally, if you threaten the president, the Good Government People go into vici...
04/07/11 09:09 am

Trump Plays Winning Hand on Today

Donald Trump is a player in this presidential election cycle regardless of wheth...
03/31/11 01:56 pm

Donald: Birth Certificate Talk Tough to Trump

Trump expands on Obama citizenship with O'Reilly.
03/28/11 03:25 pm

Trump Keeps Working Birther Opening

No one else has so much to gain and nothing to lose, so Donald Trump is filling ...
03/24/11 02:48 am

Donald The Birther Makes Waves on View

Trump causes a funny ruckus on The View by pressing the question: Why doesn'...
03/18/11 02:18 am

Trump Teases Birther Beliefs

Donald Trump, continuing his politician act while traveling on "Trumpforce ...
03/16/11 01:37 am

Trump Melts Down Over Obama's Golf

Trump talks energy - we need nukes, and the Saudi's are salivating over our...
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