04/28/11 06:03 am

Barney on MSNBC Talking Trump

Barney on MSNBC complaining that the birth certificate controversy is the the 9/...
04/27/11 02:14 pm

Donald Shoots From Hip on Transcripts

Donald siezed the moment this morning, claiming victory on the birth certificate...
04/27/11 12:22 pm

Trump Holds Presser, Obama Spins

Trump claims victory over the White House in a press conference on the president...
04/27/11 09:27 am

Is Obama an Intellectual?

With Donald Trump questioning the President’s intelligence, I was not surprise...
04/26/11 07:38 pm

Jay Carney Can't Answer Simple Question

My interest in the birth certificate issue, or Donald Trump, is the extent to wh...
04/26/11 04:18 pm

Fox News Confirms Obama's Birth

While Shep Smith is impatient with the Trump pushed birth certificate matter, a ...
04/26/11 11:16 am

Trump vs De Niro

The recent tiff between Donald Trump and Robert De Niro was hardly as entertaini...
04/26/11 10:49 am

Birther Boondoggle Blemishes Republicans

04/26/11 07:24 am

Buchanan Takes a Swipe at the Prez

Is Pat Buchanan taking notice of how much attention Donald Trump is getting for ...
04/26/11 04:55 am

Donald Trump - Superstar!

It's not really important whether Donald Trump is serious or not - he is of...
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