05/01/11 02:49 pm

Seth Myers Mocks Trump Hair, Breitbart

Seth Myers was the main entertainment, after the president, at the correspondent...
05/01/11 11:47 am

Obama Goes After Trump at Dinner

The president mocked, and perhaps elevated, Donald Trump, and even critics from ...
04/30/11 04:14 pm

Oh Twelve Gets Going - Sorta For Real

Campaign 2012 is supposed to get under way in a national sense on Thursday, with...
04/30/11 04:51 am

Shields & Brooks: Birth Certificate Racial

Shields & Brooks recap the week's big stories - and the big one was...
04/29/11 08:40 am

Ridiculous Letterman Talks Racism

How can you say things like that if you're not a racist, wonders David Lett...
04/29/11 08:03 am

Trump Drops F-Bomb in Speech

Trump drops the F-Bomb when explaining what he would have to say to the Saudis i...
04/29/11 07:31 am

Racist Paul Takes On Confused Trump

  Who could have guessed that there would be a second episode of Celeb...
04/29/11 04:46 am

Rand Paul Takes Jab at Trump

Rand Paul wants to see Donald's long form GOP registration form.
04/29/11 01:53 am

ABC Correspondent Blogs on Obama Lie

Jake Tapper busted the president for lying to the American people, an event that...
04/28/11 09:09 am

Whoopi Calls Trump Racist, but Defended Mel

Liberals are obsessed with race, so The View is as well. I have been raised to t...
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