02/02/16 05:44 pm

I'm pretty sure an endorsement from Scott Brown is a bad thing for Donald Trump

  According to the Washington Post, Scott Brown is set to endorse Dona...
10/03/12 02:59 pm

What Donald Thinks

Donald Trump has some debate advice for Mitt Romney. He's the least transpa...
04/11/12 12:38 pm

Rick Santorum Was A Frothy Candidate

02/02/12 07:45 pm

Trump: I'm no Sheldon Adelson

Donald Trump may be supporting Mitt Romney for president, but that doesn't ...
10/24/11 08:04 pm

Perry Gets Birther Fires Burning

Rick Perry hangs with Trump, talks birth certificate, freaks out MSNBC. Governor...
05/24/11 07:36 am

Palin (Like Trump) Is A Presidential Poser

05/17/11 08:09 am

The Charade Is Over: Trump No More Than A Lump

05/16/11 03:17 pm

Donald Trump Decides Not to Become President

Donald Trump announced today that he's getting back to work on what matters...
05/05/11 10:35 am

"Trump/Palin 2012 - You're Fired/I Quit"

05/02/11 07:01 am

Trump Responds to Obama Barbs

Donald says the humor at Saturday night's correspondents dinner was inappro...
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