09/08/12 12:41 pm

Barack Obama - America's Unforced Error

This video clarifies the joy of Hope & Change.
07/10/12 07:03 pm

Funny Obama Likes Open Books

The great fraud Obama will say anything, no matter how ludicrous, knowing most p...
06/21/12 02:01 am

Cillizza: Beware Fast & Furious

Lefty journo-pundit Chris Cillizza warns that even though the pursuit of truth o...
05/19/11 04:07 am

Palin Reaction to Pelosi the Waiver Queen

Palin critiques Pelosi, queen of health care waivers.
02/25/11 08:45 am

Obama Games Voters on Transparency

When the White House wanted to make it look like ObamaCare would be a profit cen...
09/06/09 07:03 pm

Blind Transparency

Remember all those campaign commitments about Changing the Way Washington Does B...
05/05/09 03:53 pm

Shadow Transparency

Devout liberals sure can seem alot like Catholics on The $328,835 snapshots of ...
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