09/05/12 05:21 am

Joe Kennedy Shows Hispanic Chops

With a great jaw, the Kennedy name, and a God-given ability to read the teleprom...
01/25/12 07:35 pm

Obama: What a Memory!

Chad Ochocinco live tweets the president's State of the Union address.
11/11/11 04:32 am

Perry Does Letterman

Rick Perry does better with a teleprompter.
10/18/11 01:46 pm

Obama: Biggest TOTUS Loser

News today that the presidential teleprompter had been stolen inspired one video...
11/16/10 12:48 pm

Teleprompter Blues

Live by the teleprompter, die by the teleprompter.
11/08/10 08:35 pm

Flash - Obama More Exciting Speaker Than Coolidge

Here's what an Obama speech would be like without the teleprompter.
11/07/10 04:34 am

Good News: Obama Trip to India is Historic

You know that it wouldn't be an Obama event if it didn't include Chang...
10/05/10 05:07 am

Idiot Boards

Former Vice President Walter Mondale has some advice for President Obama. Take t...
09/29/10 08:49 am

Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah

Why does the president suffer so to articulate a thought when a teleprompter isn...
09/01/10 08:53 pm

Prompter President

Heartless, mindless president. And this from one of his biggest supporters.
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